The Pet Shop is a room in Club Penguin Rewritten. It is located in the Plaza to the left of the Stage. Players can buy Puffles and Puffle Furniture in it. The minigames Puffle Roundup, Pufflescape and Puffle Launch can be played from here.

When the Water Party 2020 began, the entire room was filled with water due to a burst pipe. The puffles in the Pet Shop managed to escape.[1] Due to this incident, the Pet Shop is currently undergoing a renovation since August 27, 2020, to ensure that this incident won't happen again.[2][3] This renovation was supposed to be finished on September 3, 2020,[4] with Rory confirmed to be visiting throughout the construction period.[5]


Icon Pin
O-Berry Pin.png
Puffle O's Pin.png
Puffle O's
Triple Scoop Pin.png
Triple Scoop
Banana Peel Pin.png
Banana Peel


  • A Puffle Cannon is present in the Pet Shop, but it is off-screen. You instead play Puffle Launch by clicking a button in the lower right of the screen. This is because the developers did not want the modern and classic art styles to clash.
  • The mini-game Puffle Launch was added on June 21, 2017.
  • A note could be seen below the green birdhouse. Clicking it brought up a message in Tic-Tac-Toe Code. Once decoded, it read "HIDDENPUFFLE" and was signed by Gary the Gadget Guy. HIDDENPUFFLE is the code used to unlock the Puffle Whistle.
    • It was removed on May 16, 2018 for unknown reasons.
  • The Brown Puffle and Grey Puffle are the only puffles that don't move when hovered over.
  • The mini-game Pufflescape was added on January 16, 2020.


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