Penguin Style Sep'17 is a Penguin Style catalog released in September 8, 2017. It was delayed for 2 days until it's release. It is the ninth consecutive release of the Club Penguin Rewritten Penguin Style clothing catalog. Penguins can access it in the Gift Shop, located inside Town.


Head Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
The Clown-Around 100 No
The Abracadabra 300 No
The Forget Me Knot 300 No
The Downtown 200 No
The Prep 450 No
The Chill Out 450 No
Red Paisley Bandana 250 Yes

Face Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Black Glasses 225 No

Neck Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Abracadabra Cape 400 No
Flower Messenger Bag 300 Yes
Flame Messenger Bag 300 No
Green Trendy Scarf 150 No
Red Backpack 410 Yes
Blue Backpack 410 Yes
Popcorn Tray 200 No

Body Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Clown-Around Costume 300 No
Cow Costume 450 Yes
Keep in Checks Look 350 Yes
See You Layer Dress 400 No
Cotton Candy Cut-Offs 350 No
Red Suede Jacket 700 No
Layered Lavender Outfit 550 Yes
I Heart Pizza T-Shirt 200 No
Astro Barrier T-Shirt 200 No
Girl's Sweater Vest Outfit 300 No
Black Letterman Outfit 550 Yes
Boy's Sweater Vest Outfit 300 No

Hand Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Magician's Wand 150 No
Bangles 50 No
Grape Balloon 50 No
Lime Laptop 1800 Yes

Feet Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Clown Shoes 150 No
Green Checkerd Shoes 300 Yes
Running Shoes 300 No
Burgundy Buckle Shoes 400 No


Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Circus Tent Background 60 No
Green Plaid Background 60 No
Apples Background 60 No
Blue Stars Background 60 No


  • The Penguins at Work section was glitched at release meaning that instead of the Popcorn Tray, the Lifeguard Shirt was released that of course wasn't supposed to be in this catalog.
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