Penguin Style Oct'18 was an edition of the Penguin Style catalog. It was released on October 4, 2018 and expired on November 1, 2018.


Head Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
The Witch Hazel.png
The Witch Hazel 400 Coin ico.png No
The Lady Frankenpenguin 300 Coin ico.png Yes
Frankenpenguin Hat.png
Frankenpenguin Hat 250 Coin ico.png No
Pharaoh Headdress 500 Coin ico.png
Cleo Headdress.png
Cleo Headdress 350 Coin ico.png
Ladybug Antennae.png
Ladybug Antennae 150 Coin ico.png
The Royal.png
The Royal 500 Coin ico.png
Unicorn Horn.png
Unicorn Horn 150 Coin ico.png
Silver Roman Helmet.png
Silver Roman Helmet 1400 Coin ico.png

Face Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Mask 100 Coin ico.png Yes
Big Brow.png
Big Brow 50 Coin ico.png

Neck Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Red Cape.png
Red Cape 200 Coin ico.png Yes
Butterfly Wings.png
Butterfly Wings 400 Coin ico.png No
Pegasus Wings.png
Pegasus Wings

Body Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Witch Hazel Dress.png
Witch Hazel Dress 350 Coin ico.png No
Frankenpenguin Costume.png
Frankenpenguin Costume 450 Coin ico.png
Lady Frankenpenguin's Dress Yes
Headless Horseman.png
Headless Horseman 500 Coin ico.png No
Mummy costume.png
Mummy Costume 600 Coin ico.png No
Ghost Costume.png
Ghost Costume Yes
Pharaoh Costume 550 Coin ico.png No
Skeleton 450 Coin ico.png Yes
Cleo Dress 550 Coin ico.png No
Extra Cheesy Costume.png
Extra Cheesy Costume 300 Coin ico.png Yes
Ladybug Suit.png
Ladybug Suit 330 Coin ico.png No
Candy Corn Costume.png
Candy Corn Costume 100 Coin ico.png Yes
Butterfly Dress.png
Butterfly Dress 600 Coin ico.png No
Unicorn Costume 530 Coin ico.png
Ghoul Detector Jumpsuit.png
Ghoul Detector Jumpsuit 450 Coin ico.png

Hand Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Witch Wing Warmers.png
Witch Wing Warmers 100 Coin ico.png No
Ghostly Gallop.png
Ghostly Gallop 250 Coin ico.png
Crook & Flail.png
Crook & Flail 300 Coin ico.png Yes
Gold Bracelets.png
Gold Bracelets 200 Coin ico.png No
Magic Wand.png
Magic Wand 150 Coin ico.png
Ghoul Detector 3000.png
Ghoul Detector 3000 350 Coin ico.png

Feet Items

Icon Item Cost
Sparkly Emerald Shoes.png
Sparkly Emerald Shoes 200 Coin ico.png
Stompin' Boots.png
Stompin' Boots 250 Coin ico.png
Ladybug Shoes.png
Ladybug Shoes
Unicorn Hooves.png
Unicorn Hooves 200 Coin ico.png


Icon Item Cost
Ghost Background IC.png
Ghost Background 60 Coin ico.png
Haunted House BG Icon.png
Haunted House Background
Pumpkin BG Icon.png
Pumpkin Background
Spooky Trees BG Icon.png
Spooky Trees Background


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