Penguin Style May'17 was an edition of the Penguin Style catalog. It was released on May 3, 2017 and expired on May 31, 2017.


Head Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
King's Crown.png
King's Crown 500 Coin ico.png No
Amethyst Hat.png
Amethyst Hat 300 Coin ico.png
Emerald Hat.png
Emerald Hat
Topaz Hat.png
Topaz Hat
Queen's Crown.png
Queen's Crown 450 Coin ico.png Yes
King's Blue Crown.png
King's Blue Crown 500 Coin ico.png
The Forest Maiden 400 Coin ico.png No
Court Jester Hat.png
Court Jester Hat 250 Coin ico.png
Blizzard Wizard Hat 300 Coin ico.png
Knight Helmet.png
Knight Helmet 400 Coin ico.png
Tiara 200 Coin ico.png Yes
The Disco.png
The Disco 600 Coin ico.png
The Sidekick.png
The Sidekick 500 Coin ico.png
Gold Viking Helmet.png
Gold Viking Helmet 1500 Coin ico.png
Woodsman's Hat.png
Woodsman's Hat 200 Coin ico.png

Neck Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Star Necklace.png
Star Necklace 280 Coin ico.png Yes
Royal Robe.png
Royal Robe 400 Coin ico.png No
Royal Blue Robe.png
Royal Blue Robe Yes
Gold Chain.png
Gold Chain 150 Coin ico.png No

Body Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Blacksmith Apron.png
Blacksmith Apron 100 Coin ico.png No
Blue Doublet.png
Blue Doublet 500 Coin ico.png
King's Outfit.png
King's Outfit 375 Coin ico.png Yes
Amethyst Dress.png
Amethyst Dress 550 Coin ico.png No
Emerald Dress.png
Emerald Dress
Topaz Dress.png
Topaz Dress
Squire Suit 325 Coin ico.png
Queen's Dress.png
Queen's Dress 600 Coin ico.png Yes
Chain Mail and Tabard icon.png
Chain Mail & Tabard 400 Coin ico.png
Forest Maiden Gown.png
Forest Maiden Gown 425 Coin ico.png No
Court Jester Outfit.png
Court Jester Outfit 550 Coin ico.png
Blizzard Wizard Robe 450 Coin ico.png
Knight Costume.png
Knight Costume 600 Coin ico.png
Dragon Costume.png
Dragon Costume 1000 Coin ico.png Yes
Purple Hoodie.png
Purple Hoodie 300 Coin ico.png No
Pink Hoodie.png
Pink Hoodie
Red Hoodie.png
Red Hoodie
Orange Hoodie.png
Orange Hoodie
Black Hoodie.png
Black Hoodie
Yellow Hoodie.png
Yellow Hoodie

Hand Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Royal Scepter.png
Royal Scepter 150 Coin ico.png Yes
Royal Blue Scepter.png
Royal Blue Scepter
Crystal Staff 250 Coin ico.png No
Steel Shield.png
Steel Shield Yes
Magic Wand.png
Magic Wand 125 Coin ico.png

Feet Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Plated Shoes 300 Coin ico.png No
Orange Sneakers.png
Orange Sneakers 250 Coin ico.png Yes


Icon Item Cost
Princess Castle Background Icon.png
Princess Castle Background 60 Coin ico.png
Castle Background Icon.png
Castle Background
Cave Gate Background Icon.png
Cave Gate Background
Medieval Arena Background Icon.png
Medieval Arena Background


  • This is the first catalog to not have any new Face Items.


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