Penguin Style June'17 was an edition of the Penguin Style catalog and was the sixth Penguin Style catalog overall. It was released on May 31, 2017 and expired on July 5, 2017.


Head Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Black Cowboy Hat clothing icon ID 433
Black Cowboy Hat 250 Coin ico No
The Sunray Icon
The Sunray 500 Coin ico No
Dazzling Blue Top Hatbetterquality
Dazzling Blue Top Hat 475 Coin ico No
TheTunedIn Icon
The Tuned In 400 Coin ico Yes
TopHat Icon
Top Hat 350 Coin ico Yes
The Firestriker Icon
The Firestriker 550 Coin ico No
The Freestyle Icon
The Freestyle 550 Coin ico No
Red Mohawk Icon
Red Mohawk 500 Coin ico No
ShockWave Icon
The Shock Wave 550 Coin ico No
Headphones 350 Coin ico No
The Twister (1)
The Twister 450 Coin ico Yes
TheRocker Icon
The Rocker 750 Coin ico No
TheSupremeDiva Icon
The Suprema Diva 750 Coin ico No

Neck Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
WhiteBowtie Icon
White Bowtie 50 Coin ico Yes
PearlNecklace Icon
Pearl Necklace 550 Coin ico Yes

Body Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Black Cowboy Shirt Icon
Black Cowboy Shirt 350 Coin ico No
Tuxedo Icon
Tuxedo 800 Coin ico Yes
Pop Princess Outfit Icon
Pop Princess Outfit 600 Coin ico No
Dazzling Blue Tuxedo
Dazzling Blue Tux 850 Coin ico No
Orange Rocker Shirt Icon
Orange Rocker Shirt 200 Coin ico No
Freestyle Threads Icon
Freestyle Threads 650 Coin ico No
Rocker Outfit Icon
Rocker Outfit 400 Coin ico No
Pink Polka-dot Dress 350 Coin ico No
Seafoam Dress
Seafoam Dress 580 Coin ico Yes
QuiltedVest Icon
Quilted Vest 450 Coin ico Yes
Penguin Band Hoodie
Penguin Band Hoodie 500 Coin ico No
SupernovaSuit Icon
Supernova Suit 850 Coin ico No
DazzleDress Icon
Dazzle Dress 600 Coin ico No
Neon Electro Hoodie
Neon Electro Hoodie 500 Coin ico Yes

Hand Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Acoustic Sunburst Guitar Icon
Acoustic Sunburst Guitar 500 Coin ico No
Microphone Icon
Microphone 250 Coin ico No
The Spikester Cuffs 170 Coin ico No
GreenKeytar Icon
Green Keytar 600 Coin ico No
BEG Icon
Blue Electric Guitar 300 Coin ico No
Violin Icon
Violin 450 Coin ico Yes
Wingwarmers Icon
Wingwarmers 200 Coin ico No
AcidGuitar Icon
Acid Guitar 1000 Coin ico Yes
PEB Icon
Purple Electric Bass 550 Coin ico Yes

Feet Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Black Cowboy Boots Icon
Black Cowboy Boots 300 Coin ico No
Black Dress Shoes 420 Coin ico Yes
Black Checkered Shoes
Black Checkered Shoes 300 Coin ico No
RedSneakers Icon
Red Sneakers 250 Coin ico No
StardustSlippers Icon
Stardust Slippers 200 Coin ico No


Icon Item Cost
Clothing Icons 9033
Aqua Disco Background 60 Coin ico
Clothing Icons 947
Piano Keys Background 60 Coin ico
You're A Star Background 60 Coin ico
Music Score Background 60 Coin ico


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