Penguin Style Jul'20 is an edition of the Penguin Style catalog. It was released on July 3, 2020 and expired on August 7, 2020.


Head Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Winged Crimson Helm.png
Winged Crimson Helm 400 Coin ico.png No
The Shimmer.png
The Shimmer 550 Coin ico.png Yes
Wizard Hat.png
Wizard Hat Free
The Mystical.png
The Mystical 450 Coin ico.png No
Queen's Crown.png
Queen's Crown 450 Coin ico.png Yes
Village Jester Hat.png
Village Jester Hat 250 Coin ico.png No
Rusty Knight Helmet.png
Rusty Knight Helmet 400 Coin ico.png
Amethyst Hat.png
Amethyst Hat 300 Coin ico.png Yes
The Damsel.png
The Damsel 400 Coin ico.png No
The Viscount.png
The Viscount 150 Coin ico.png
Obsidian Wizard Hat.png
Obsidian Wizard Hat 300 Coin ico.png
The Twister.png
The Twister 450 Coin ico.png Yes

Neck Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Raindrop Necklace.png
Raindrop Necklace 200 Coin ico.png No
Golden Fairy Wings.png
Golden Fairy Wings 350 Coin ico.png Yes

Body Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Crimson Plate Mail.png
Crimson Plate Mail 550 Coin ico.png No
Obsidian Dragon Costume.png
Obsidian Dragon Costume 500 Coin ico.png
Lady's Gown.png
Lady's Gown 600 Coin ico.png Yes
Fairy Gown.png
Fairy Gown 550 Coin ico.png No
Village Jester.png
Village Jester 550 Coin ico.png
Rusty Knight Costume.png
Rusty Knight Costume 600 Coin ico.png
Amethyst Dress.png
Amethyst Dress 550 Coin ico.png Yes
Queen's Dress.png
Queen's Dress 600 Coin ico.png
Damsel's Dress.png
Damsel's Dress 450 Coin ico.png No
Blue Dragon Costume.png
Blue Dragon Costume 400 Coin ico.png
Viscount Outfit.png
Viscount Outfit 400 Coin ico.png
Obsidian Wizard Robe.png
Obsidian Wizard Robe 450 Coin ico.png
Fairy Flight Outfit.png
Fairy Flight Outfit 400 Coin ico.png Yes
Blacksmith Apron.png
Blacksmith Apron 100 Coin ico.png No
White & Blue Squire Outfit.png
White & Blue Squire Outfit 600 Coin ico.png

Hand Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Crimson Lance and Shield.png
Crimson Lance and Shield 400 Coin ico.png No
Gold Shield.png
Gold Shield 400 Coin ico.png
Purple Magic Wand.png
Purple Magic Wand 125 Coin ico.png Yes
Obsidian Staff.png
Obsidian Staff 250 Coin ico.png No

Feet Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Plate Boots.png
Plate Boots 250 Coin ico.png No
Village Jester Shoes.png
Village Jester Shoes 170 Coin ico.png
Rusty Plated Shoes.png
Rusty Plated Shoes 300 Coin ico.png
Blue Dragon Feet.png
Blue Dragon Feet 250 Coin ico.png Yes
Pointy Shoes.png
Pointy Shoes 200 Coin ico.png No


Icon Item Cost
Medieval Banners Background Icon.png
Medieval Banners Background 60 Coin ico.png
Tabard Background Icon.png
Tabard Background
Medieval Arena Background Icon.png
Medieval Arena Background
Cave Gate Background Icon.png
Cave Gate Background
Princess Castle Background Icon.png
Princess Castle Background
Castle Background Icon.png
Castle Background
Dragon's Lair Background Icon.png
Dragon's Lair Background
Tree House Background Icon.png
Tree House Background


  • It was supposed to be released on July 2, 2020, but it was actually released the next day.
  • The Wizard Hat is listed as 200 coins, despite it being free.


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