Penguin Style Jul'19 is an edition of the Penguin Style catalog. It was released on July 4, 2019 and expired on August 10, 2019.


Head Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
King's Blue Crown.png
King's Blue Crown 500 Coin ico.png No
King's Crown.png
King's Crown Yes
The Duchess II.png
The Duchess II 400 Coin ico.png No
Duke's Hat.png
Duke's Hat 150 Coin ico.png
Gold Viking Helmet.png
Gold Viking Helmet 1500 Coin ico.png Yes
Knight Helmet.png
Knight Helmet 400 Coin ico.png No
The Regal.png
The Regal 900 Coin ico.png Yes
Ruby Princess Hat.png
Ruby Princess Hat 300 Coin ico.png No
Gold Princess Hat.png
Gold Princess Hat
Court Jester Hat.png
Court Jester Hat 550 Coin ico.png Yes

Neck Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Royal Blue Robe.png
Royal Blue Robe 400 Coin ico.png No
Royal Robe.png
Royal Robe Yes
Purple Pastel Tabbard.png
Purple Pastel Tabbard 250 Coin ico.png No
Pink Pastel Tabbard.png
Pink Pastel Tabbard
Blue Pastel Tabbard.png
Blue Pastel Tabbard
Gold Chain 150 Coin ico.png

Body Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
King's Outfit.png
King's Outfit 375 Coin ico.png No
Sapphire Duchess Dress.png
Sapphire Duchess Dress 550 Coin ico.png
Duke's Outfit.png
Duke's Outfit 400 Coin ico.png
Red Doublet.png
Red Doublet 500 Coin ico.png Yes
Knight Costume.png
Knight Costume 600 Coin ico.png No
Dragon Costume.png
Dragon Costume 1000 Coin ico.png Yes
Ruby Princess Dress.png
Ruby Princess Dress 550 Coin ico.png No
Gold Princess Dress.png
Gold Princess Dress
Regal Damsel Dress.png
Regal Damsel Dress 450 Coin ico.png Yes
Squire Suit 325 Coin ico.png No
Court Jester Outfit.png
Court Jester Outfit 550 Coin ico.png Yes
Blacksmith Apron 100 Coin ico.png No
Enchanted Dragon Costume.png
Enchanted Dragon Costume 2500 Coin ico.png

Hand Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Royal Blue Scepter.png
Royal Blue Scepter 150 Coin ico.png No
Royal Scepter.png
Royal Scepter Yes
Purple Pastel Shield.png
Purple Pastel Shield 350 Coin ico.png No
Pink Pastel Shield.png
Pink Pastel Shield
Blue Pastel Shield.png
Blue Pastel Shield

Feet Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Pointy Shoes 200 Coin ico.png No
Plated Shoes 300 Coin ico.png Yes


Icon Item Cost
Medieval Arena Background 60 Coin ico.png
Cave Gate Background
Princess Castle Background
Castle Background
Pastel Banner Background Icon.png
Pastel Banner Background
Blue Vines Background Icon.png
Blue Vines Background
Dragon's Lair Background
Castle Hallway Background



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