Penguin Style Feb'19 was an edition of the Penguin Style catalog. It was released on February 1, 2019 and expired on February 28, 2019.


Head Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
The Sun Rays
The Sun Rays 250 Coin ico No
The Bolero
The Bolero 500 Coin ico
The Wavecatcher
The Wavecatcher 550 Coin ico Yes
The Sidetied Too
The Sidetied Too 500 Coin ico No
Diver's Helmet
Divers Helmet 650 Coin ico
The Posh
The Posh 500 Coin ico
The Brunette
The Brunette 300 Coin ico Yes

Face Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Blue Aviator Shades
Blue Aviator Shades 200 Coin ico No
Blue Starglasses
Blue Starglasses
Diva Sunglasses
Diva Sunglasses 225 Coin ico
Pink Snorkel
Pink Snorkel 200 Coin ico Yes
Blue Snorkel 250 Coin ico No
Black Glasses
Black Glasses 225 Coin ico

Neck Items

Icon Item Cost
Blue Scuba Tank
Blue Scuba Tank 400 Coin ico
Blue Patched Bag
Blue Patched Bag 200 Coin ico
Scuba tank
Scuba Tank 480 Coin ico
Blue Designer Scarf
Blue Designer Scarf 150 Coin ico
Blue Striped Scarf
Blue Striped Scarf
Black Tie
Black Tie 125 Coin ico
Mullet Necktie
Mullet Necktie
Striped Tie
Smiley Necktie
Smiley Necktie
Green Necktie
Green Necktie

Body Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Life Jacket
Life Jacket 320 Coin ico Yes
Blue Board Shorts
Blue Board Shorts 300 Coin ico
Blue Surf Shorts
Blue Surf Shorts 350 Coin ico No
Pink Stripe Bikini
Pink Stripe Bikini
Green Flower Bikini
Green Flower Bikini 250 Coin ico
Divers Suit
Divers Suit 500 Coin ico
Purple Wetsuit
Purple Wetsuit 600 Coin ico Yes
Wetsuit No
Butterfly T-Shirt Butterfly T-Shirt 200 Coin ico
Astro Barrier T-Shirt
Astro Barrier T-Shirt
Lifeguard Shirt
Lifeguard Shirt 180 Coin ico
Red Wetsuit
Red Wetsuit 1200 Coin ico

Hand Items

Icon Item Cost
Blue Water Bottle
Blue Water Bottle 250 Coin ico

Feet Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
White Sandals
White Sandals 150 Coin ico No
Brown Sandals
Brown Sandals 200 Coin ico Yes
Purple Flippers
Purple Flippers
Green Flippers
Green Flippers No
Red Sneakers
Red Sneakers 250 Coin ico Yes


Icon Item Cost
Beach Day BG Icon
Beach Day BG 60 Coin ico
Beach Background Icon
Beach Background
Ocean Background Icon
Ocean Background
In the Deep BG Icon
In the Deep BG
Oasis Background Icon
Oasis Background
Camo Background Icon
Camo Background
Emotes background clothing icon ID 985
Emotes Background
Lace Background Icon
Lace Background


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