Penguin Style Feb'17 (Beta) was an edition of the Penguin Style catalog. It was released on February 11, 2017 and expired on February 12, 2017.


Head Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
The Shamrocker
The Shamrocker 550 Coin ico No
The Freestyle Icon
The Freestyle 550 Coin ico No
The Spikette
The Spikette 500 Coin ico Yes
The Spikester
The Spikester 500 Coin ico Yes
Desert Rose
The Desert Rose 550 Coin ico No
Fruit Headdress
Fruit Headdress 350 Coin ico Yes
Starlit Sombrero
Starlit Sombrero 350 Coin ico No
Sombrero 300 Coin ico No
Elf Hat
Elf Hat 150 Coin ico No
Russian Hat
Russian Hat 600 Coin ico Yes
Black Toque
Black Toque 75 Coin ico No
Pink Earmuffs
Pink Earmuffs 250 Coin ico No
Viking Helmet
Red Viking Helmet 750 Coin ico Yes
Blue Viking Helmet
Blue Viking Helmet 1200 Coin ico Yes
The Chill
The Chill 500 Coin ico No
Chullo Hat
Chullo 200 Coin ico No
Pink Pom Pom Toque
Pink Pom Pom Toque 200 Coin ico Yes
Snowman Head
Snowman Head 550 Coin ico No
The Flutterby
The Flutterby 600 Coin ico No
The Sidetied
The Sidetied 500 Coin ico No
Denim Hip Hop Hat
Denim Hip Hop Hat 300 Coin ico No
Green Paisley Bandana
Green Paisley Bandana 250 Coin ico No
The Dizzy
The Dizzy 500 Coin ico No
The Tuft 500 Coin ico No
Tweed Hat
Tweed Hat 350 Coin ico No

Face Items

Icon Item Cost
Designer Glasses 200 Coin ico

Neck Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Yellow Scarf
Yellow Scarf 150 Coin ico Yes
Blue Scarf
Blue Scarf No
Pink Scarf
Pink Scarf
Pink Backpack
Pink Backpack 410 Coin ico
Blue Backpack
Blue Backpack
Vinyl Messenger Bag
Vinyl Messenger Bag 300 Coin ico

Body Items

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Spikester Threads
Spikester Threads 650 Coin ico No
Freestyle Threads Icon
Freestyle Threads No
Yellow Fiesta Dress
Yellow Fiesta Dress 640 Coin ico No
Blue Torero Suit
Blue Torero Suit 520 Coin ico No
Poncho 350 Coin ico No
Gingerbread Costume icon
Gingerbread Costume 500 Coin ico No
Elf Suit
Elf Suit 350 Coin ico No
Green Winter Jacket
Green Winter Jacket 450 Coin ico No
Yellow Winter Jacket
Yellow Winter Jacket No
Green Vest
Green Vest No
Green Turtleneck
Green Turtleneck 440 Coin ico No
Black Parka 500 Coin ico No
Snowman Costume
Snowman Body 400 Coin ico No
Orange Snowsuit
Orange Snowsuit 600 Coin ico No
Pink Snowsuit
Pink Snowsuit No
Coffee Apron 100 Coin ico No
Red Hoodie
Red Hoodie 400 Coin ico Yes
Purple Vest
Purple Vest 450 Coin ico No
Layered Lavender Outfit
Layered Lavender Outfit 550 Coin ico No
Blue Hoodie
Blue Hoodie 400 Coin ico No
Pink Hoodie
Pink Hoodie No
Sea Green Outfit
Sea Green Outfit 550 Coin ico No
Blue Duffle Coat
Blue Duffle Coat 750 Coin ico No
Tweed Coat
Tweed Coat 500 Coin ico No

Hand Items

Icon Item Cost
Wingwarmers Icon
Wingwarmers 200 Coin ico
Trumpet 450 Coin ico
Acoustic Guitar 700 Coin ico
Blue Mittens
Blue Mittens 100 Coin ico
Pink Mittens
Pink Mittens
Denim Purse
Denim Purse 300 Coin ico

Feet Items

Icon Item Cost
Elf Shoes
Elf Shoes 170 Coin ico
Fuzzy Boots
Fuzzy Boots 250 Coin ico
Winter Boots
Winter Boots 450 Coin ico


Icon Item Cost
Neon Mania Background 60 Coin ico
Pinata Background
Disco Background clothing icon ID 937
Disco Background
Mexican Background clothing icon ID 938
Mexican Background
Christmas Carol Background icon
Christmas Carol Background
Christmas Trees Background icon
Christmas Trees Background
Gift Wrap Background Icon
Gift Wrap Background
Ice Fishing Background Icon
Ice Fishing Background
Ice Cave Background Icon
Ice Cave Background
Snowflakes Background Icon
Snowflakes Background
Snowman Background clothing icon ID 940
Snowman Background
Aurora Background Icon
Aurora Background


  • It was Club Penguin Rewritten's first catalog.
  • It is currently the catalog that has been available for the shortest time.
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