The Penguin Games Catalog is a catalog available during the Penguin Games.


Head Items

Icon Item Cost
Blue Football Helmet
Blue Football Helmet 360 Coin ico
Red Football Helmet
Red Football Helmet
Black Toque
Black Toque 75 Coin ico

Body Items

Icon Item Cost
Red Track & Field Uniform Icon
Red Track & Field Uniform 550 Coin ico
Blue Track & Field Uniform clothing icon ID 4006
Blue Track & Field Uniform
Blue Basketball Jersey 600 Coin ico
Red Basketball Jersey
Blue Football Jersey
Blue Football Jersey 500 Coin ico
Red Football Jersey
Red Football Jersey
Green Winter Jacket
Green Winter Jacket 450 Coin ico
Red Cheerleader Outfit
Red Cheerleader Outfit 350 Coin ico
Blue Cheerleader Outfit
Blue Cheerleader Outfit

Hand Items

Icon Item Cost
Red Pompoms
Red Pompoms 120 Coin ico
Blue Pompoms
Blue Pompoms

Feet Items

Icon Item Cost
Ice Skates
Ice Skates 200 Coin ico


  • It costs 5,685 coins to buy every item in the catalog.



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