Parties and Events are monthly celebrations and festivals that are usually themed after seasons, real-life celebrations and anniversaries. They are usually announced in the Club Penguin Times a week or two beforehand, but occasionally they have also been announced on the Club Penguin Rewritten Discord Server. There is usually one party every month and a minor event every other month.

Parties and events may also be held annually such as Holiday Parties and Anniversaries. Some parties and events may also involve quests for penguins to complete to earn free items.


The Festival of Lights, an example of a party.

Parties are celebrations that are generally held every month on Club Penguin Rewritten. All Parties are celebrated with a given theme such as certain Holidays.

For the duration of a party, a majority of the island will be decorated and at least one free item will be available. Some parties offer the chance to meet a Mascot as well.

Most parties occur annually while others are only one-time. Parties are generally one to two weeks in length.


The 50th Newspaper Event, an example of an event.

Events are small-scale celebrations that are usually one to three days in length and have less decorated rooms compared to parties. They may also have less free items.

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