Old Blue is a color on Club Penguin Rewritten. It is unavailable in the Penguin Style catalog, and can be obtained by a code.


  • Gary the Gadget Guy is the only mascot to wear this color, as seen during the Penguin Secret Agency (PSA) missions.
    • However, Gary only has regular blue in game.
  • Old Blue can be sometimes seen being worn by Non-Playable Characters throughout the Club Penguin Rewritten Island.
    • In the Sled Racing mini-game, when you reach the bottom of the Ski Hill, two Old Blue Penguins can be seen clapping for the players, congratulating them.
    • In the Catchin' Waves mini-game, two Old Blue Penguins with surfboards can be briefly seen during the introduction.
    • Under "Actions" on the in game Toolbar, all the penguins are wearing Old Blue.
    • The Special Dance penguins in The F.I.S.H. wear this color.
    • It can be obtained by the code 1MILLION


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