Ocean Blue (formerly known as Old Blue) is a color in Club Penguin Rewritten. It could be obtained by using the code '1MILLION'. It can also be obtained by creating an account and chosing it as your color. It also costs 20 coins in the Penguin Style catalog.


Location Available from Available until
Unlock Items Online October 5, 2017 October 13, 2017
Creating an account November 1, 2017 Still available
Penguin Style

Color Value

Color value
2E47A9 46, 71, 169 227.8, 72.8, 66.3
Shadow value
1b2a67 27, 42, 103 228.2, 73.8, 40.4


  • Gary the Gadget Guy wears this color.
  • Before it was available, Ocean Blue was sometimes seen being worn by Non-Playable Characters (NPCs) throughout Club Penguin Rewritten.
    • In the Sled Racing mini-game, when you reach the bottom of the Ski Hill, two Ocean Blue penguins can be seen clapping for the players, congratulating them.
    • In the Catchin' Waves mini-game, two Ocean Blue penguins with surfboards can be briefly seen during the introduction.
    • Under "Actions" on the in-game Toolbar, all the penguins are wearing Ocean Blue.
    • The Special Dance penguins in The F.I.S.H. wear this color.
    • In the bait item Penguin Chat Igloo, there are three Ocean Blue penguins playing instruments.
  • Ocean Blue was formerly the only unlockable color but is now purchasable in the Penguin Style catalogs, starting with the November 2017 edition of the Penguin Style for 20 coins.
    • However, there was a glitch that didn't allow you to purchase it until November 29, 2017.



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