Not to be confused with Microphone. The Microphone is a room furniture item in Club Penguin Rewritten. They cost 200 coins each and are currently available in the Better Igloos catalog.


Catalog Available From Available Until
Better Igloos June 7, 2017 Still Available

Arrow Key Changes

  • Pressing left/right changes the Microphones direction between left and right.


  • There is a similar Microphone in the Lighthouse.
  • This item appears in the wall item category in igloo edit mode despite being a room item.


Microphone sprite 001
Microphone sprite 002

Names in other languages

Language Name
Spanish Micrófono
French Microphone
Russian Микрофон
German Mikrofon
Portuguese Microfone
Italian Microfono
Korean 마이크로폰
Danish Mikrofon
Hebrew מִיקרוֹפוֹן
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