Melchior is a former staff leader and moderator on Club Penguin Rewritten. She resigned on April 29, 2018.


  • Her first party was the April Fools' Party 2017.
  • She was the 12th Penguin of the Week before she was made a moderator.
  • Her favorite puffle is the White Puffle.
  • Her favorite mini game is Pizzatron 3000.
  • Her favorite color is Blue.
  • She often wears the Diver's Helmet and the Dark Vision Goggles.
  • She currently has 117 stamps.
  • She is a user on this wiki. Her account can be found here.
  • She became a staff leader on February 18, 2018.
  • She was demoted on November 17, 2017, however she was repromoted later that day. She then resigned on April 5, 2018, but came back on April 17, 2018. She later resigned on April 29, 2018.


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