The Mega Whale is a party room in Club Penguin Rewritten during the Water Party 2017, Waddle On Party, and the Summer Luau 2019.

It is a big, blue, inflatable whale that was floating on the water at the left of the Iceberg. To enter onto the Mega Whale, you had to simply walk to the left of the Iceberg.


Icon Pin
Water Droplet Pin
Water Droplet


  • The Water Droplet Pin was hidden there during the Water Party 2017.
  • The base room name was called "House Entrance." In addition, the name of the room when using the "Find Player" feature was "the Hoedown."
    • This bug only appeared during the Water Party 2017, when it was fixed for the Waddle On Party.
  • Occasionally, the whale's hole shoots out water.
  • Despite that the whale could not be seen on the Iceberg during the Waddle On Party, it could still be accessed.


Geographic location


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