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The Medieval Party 2018 was a party in Club Penguin Rewritten. It started on May 23, 2018 and ended on June 7, 2018. It was confirmed by a screenshot[1] from hagrid and its dates were officially announced in Issue #53 of the Club Penguin Times. In Issue #55, it was announced the party would be extended by a week and then end on June 6, instead of May 30.

There was also a post on the What's New Blog during the construction of the party about an unusual shadow above the island. During the party you find out it's a dragon called Scorn.


Thousands of years ago

All 5 kingdoms lived in peace with each other, helping each other out with everyday things. One day, an evil dragon named Scorn came along, and destroyed the village of the north, turning it into ruins and rubble. Soon after, he coated the island in his darkness, blocking the Sky Kingdom from view, and took over the island. He turned a local mountain into the Mountain of Misery. However, a few brave heroes stepped forward and took on the quest to defeat Scorn. Only with the Thunder Blade, they were able to banish Scorn, giving peace to the kingdoms once again, or so they thought.

Present day

In modern day, Gary the Gadget Guy, a local scientist, had noticed strange anomalies were occurring on the west side of the island; such as mushrooms growing on the Lighthouse and strange rocks growing out of Ski Hill. A strange shadow was also sighted around the island, seen around the Dock and Town.

A week later, the west side of the island transformed into a beautiful but cursed kingdom; where as penguins of the construction crew reused decorations from the previous year to spice up the east side. Gary did some research into ancient books, and discovered that this had all happened before, and that Scorn was reverting the island back to its medieval state. The east side of the island was unaffected by this due to the locations not existing in those times. The only way to reverse this curse would be to defeat Scorn, so penguins went to seek out the 3 magical items, the Fairy Branch from the Fairy Forest, the Orbs of Starlight from the Mushroom Kingdom and the Cursed Stones from the Ruined Village. Penguins then pursued to fight Scorn in his base in the Mountain of Misery in Scorn Battle.

One week in the party, Scorn was confirmed to be defeated, and his curse was broken, thanks to the help of heroes. However, it being possible that his darkness may return, but penguins celebrated the victory for the time being. The island would soon go back to normal a week after.


Image Item Location
Squire Outfit
Squire Outfit Plaza
Noble Helmet
Noble Helmet Ski Hill
Brazier Pin
Brazier Pin Boiler Room
Shield and Staff
Staff and Shield Ye Knight's Quest 1
Iron helmet
Iron Helmet
Iron armor
Iron Armor
White Noble Horse
White Noble Horse Ye Knight's Quest 2
Dragon's Gold
Dragon's Gold
Toothbrush Pin
White Night Helmet clothing icon ID 1253
White Knight Helmet Ye Knight's Quest 3
White Knight Armor
White Knight Armor
Gold Staff and Shield icon
Gold Staff and Shield
Battle cap
Battle Cape Bridge
Crown of the Dragon King
Crown of the Dragon King Pin Mountain of Misery
Skyward Staff
Skyward Staff Sky Kingdom
Gary Medieval icon
Gary Medieval Giveaway Meeting Gary


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The following stamps were also available to collect during this party:

Image Name Location
Noble Knight Stamp Hard
Noble Knight All around the island
Gary stamp
Gary Meeting Gary



Sneak Peeks

Homepage/Login Screen




Ye Knight's Quests

Quest 1

Quest 2

Quest 3




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