(from left to right) Gary, Yarr and Rockhopper, and Aunt Arctic

Mascots are famous characters on the island of Club Penguin Rewritten. They occasionally appear during parties, and hand out a free background to players. Mascot names are in white text with a black outline on their names so they can be identified easier. Mascots generally don't give out postcards to players, however, there have been rare occasions were they have.

List of Mascots

Regular Characters

In-game Player Card Name Free Item(s)
Aunt Arctic Sprites Original Aunt Arctic Aunt Arctic Aunt Arctic's AutographAunt Arctic Awards Giveaway, Aunt Arctic Giveaway, Aunt Arctic's Holiday Giveaway
Cadence With In-game CadencePC Cadence Cadence's Autograph, Cadence Background, Cadence's Neon Giveaway, Cadence's Twilight Giveaway
Dj Maxx in-game DJ Maxx PC New DJ Maxx Tombstone Pin, DJ Maxx Background, DJ Maxx's Halloween Giveaway, DJ Maxx's Fiesta Giveaway, DJ Maxx's Stage Giveaway
DotSprite Dot Playercard Dot Dot Blackout Giveaway, Dot's Giveaway
Gary In-Game GARY Gary Gary Background, Gary Medieval Giveaway, New Gary Giveaway, Gary's Giveaway, Gary's Mad Scientist Giveaway
Herbert IG Herbert PC Herbert P. Bear Herbert's Giveaway Background
Jet Pack Guy sprite Jet Pack Guy PC Jet Pack Guy Jet Pack Guy Background, Jet Pack Guy's Blackout Giveaway, Jet Pack Guy's Giveaway, JPG's Eclipse Giveaway
PH in game avatar PH's Player Card PH PH Giveaway Background, PH's Puffle Party Giveaway
Rockhopper sprites Rockhopper WaddleOn PC Rockhopper Rockhopper Background (ID 959)Rockhopper's Christmas Giveaway, Rockhopper Background (ID 9019), Rockhopper's Island Adventure Giveaway, Rockhopper's Fair Giveaway, Rockhopper Background (ID 9075), Rockhopper's Tropical Background, Rockhopper's Holiday Giveaway
Rookie ingame RookiePC Rookie Rookie's Giveaway, Rookie Anvil BG, Rookie's Cream Soda Giveaway
Rory In-game Rory New PC Rory Rory's Giveaway (ID 325501), Rory's Giveaway (ID 3131)
Sensei in-game SenseiPC Sensei Sensei's Autograph, Sensei's Fire Giveaway, Sensei's Elemental Giveaway
Franky 2008 in game FrankyPC Franky Band Autograph, Penguin Band Awards Giveaway, Penguin Band Stage Giveaway
G Billy ingame G Billy PC G Billy
Petey K's Old Look In-game PeteyKPC Petey K
Stompin Bob 2008 style in game Stompin B PC Stompin' Bob

Guest Characters

In-game Player Card Name Event Free Item(s)
Graeme Ingame Graeme Playercard Graeme Soccer Mommy Concert Blue Electric Guitar
Julian Ingame Julian Playercard Julian Purple Electric Bass
Rodrigo Ingame Rodrigo Playercard Rodrigo Blue Keytar
Rollum Ingame Rollum Playercard Rollum Blue Snare Drum
Sophie Ingame Sophie Playercard Sophie Golden Microphone
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