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|This is the Iceberg. It is a secret room.<br>In the distance you can see Club Penguin.<br>If you want to dive into the ocean depths...<br>...try out the Aqua Grabber!"
|This is the Iceberg. It is a secret room.<br>In the distance you can see Club Penguin.<br>If you want to dive into the ocean depths...<br>...try out the Aqua Grabber!
|[[Box Dimension]]
|[[Box Dimension]]

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Tour guide messages are messages that penguins can say when wearing the Tour Guide Hat.



Room Description
Town Welcome to the Town Center!
This is often the first place you visit.
If Club Penguin is having a party...
...This room is usually well decorated for it.
Coffee Shop This is the Coffee Shop.
It is one of Club Penguin's oldest rooms.
If you go to the bag of beans in the corner...
...You can play the game Bean Counters.
Book Room Here is the Book Room.
You can read books from the bookshelf here.
You can also play a game called Mancala.
It is a fun game, but difficult to learn.
Read How To Play Mancala before playing...
then play a few games to learn how it works.
Night Club Welcome to the Night Club.
This is THE place for dance parties.
That green puffle on the speaker is called the Keeper...
He was gone for a short while recently...
So it's good to have him back!
Dance Lounge This is the second floor of the Night Club.
It is called the Lounge.
It is a great place to rest after dancing.
Also, fun arcade games are found here.
Gift Shop This is the Gift Shop.
You can buy clothes from the monthly catalog.
Colors and backgrounds can be bought as well.
Use coins earned from playing games.


Room Description
Plaza Greetings from the Plaza!
From here, you can visit the Pizza Parlor... a penguin tale at The Stage...
...or adopt a puffle at the Pet Shop.
Pet Shop The Pet Shop is where you can adopt a puffle.
Puffles are animals native to Club Penguin.
They have different colors and personalities.
They all like penguins, and make great pets.
Stage Welcome to the Stage!
The tickets are selling out fast!
Better grab a seat...
...or pick a costume from the trunk and join the fun!
Pizza Parlor This is the Pizza Parlor.
Come here to order the best pizza.
If you go to the kitchen...
...You can help make pizzas with the Pizzatron.

Ski Village

Room Description
Ski Village Here we have the Ski Village.
Here you'll find the Ski Hill and the Ski Lodge...
...and on your right is just an average Everyday Phoning Facility...
Ski Hill Welcome to the Ski Mountain!
This is the place to be if you like to sled.
Sled Racing is very popular.
The easiest course is the Bunny Hill.
The hardest is the Ridge Run.
Ski Lodge The Ski Lodge is a great place to warm up.
Or, you can play Find Four with friends.
You can also go Ice Fishing out the back door.
Lodge Attic This is the Lodge Attic.
It has been used to store just about anything!
It also has more Find Four tables.
Everyday Phoning Facility Here we have an average, Everyday Phoning Facility.
Yup, not much to see here.
Nothing suspicious about it at all...
...let's move on.
EPF Command Room Welcome agents, to the EPF Command Room.
This room is ultra top secret...
...and contains the latest in secret agent technology.
Check out the new Field Ops computer for your orders.

Southwest shore

Room Description
Beach This is the Beach, home of the Lighthouse.
It is a great place to relax in the sun.
Sometimes you see the pirate ship docked here!
Lighthouse This is the Lighthouse...
...the tallest building in Club Penguin.
Take a look at the pictures on the wall...
...Or grab a new instrument and perform on stage.
Go upstairs to find the Beacon!
Beacon The Beacon holds the Lighthouse spotlight...
...and a telescope that you can look right through.
And if you thought penguins could not fly...
...You should try the jetpack game on the right.
Dock Welcome to the Dock.
You can play Hydro-Hopper here.
Take a ride on a tube behind the speedboat.

Island center

Room Description
Snow Forts These Snow Forts are fun for snowball fights.
Click the snowball icon to throw one.
Over there is the Club Penguin clock.
It shows the time in the Club Penguin Time Zone.
Ice Rink/Stadium Welcome to the Stadium sports fans!
Take part in the action and start a game!
Or grab a snack and watch from the bleachers.
You can buy items for your igloo...
...And sports gear from the booth.

Eastern shore

Room Description
Forest Welcome to the Forest!
Go to the Cove by walking down those stairs...
...or take the top right path to the Mine Shack...
...and help out at the garden.
Cove This is the Cove!
It is a wonderful, secluded spot.
You can go swimming in the shallow water here.
Or, test your surf skill and catch some waves!
Mine Shack Welcome to the Mine Shack...
Home of the Mine and the Community Garden!
Help water the garden by throwing snowballs...
...into the green bucket.
Beside the beautiful tree is the Recycling Plant...
...where we use garbage to make useful stuff.
Recycling Plant This is the Recycling Plant!
Throw your recycling into the Recycletron 3000...
...and turn rubbish into useful things!


Room Description
Mine Welcome to the mine...
During recent construction work...
...puffles were seen entering the tunnel...
...and some are now trapped inside.
Over there is the Rescue Squad's base of operations.
They need your help, and fast!
Underground Pool Here we have the Cave, which has its own pool.
It also has windows to see underwater.
Wait a moment, and a crab may walk by.
Boiler Room This is the Boiler Room.
It gives electricity and heat to Club Penguin.
Here you can read old editions of the newspaper.
It is a great way to learn about Club Penguin.
Cave Mine Here we have the Mine Cave...
Some workers say they've found buried treasure...
So grab a hardhat and start digging!
Hidden Lake Wow! This place is the Hidden Lake...
Where did all this treasure come from, I wonder...
And it looks like there's a door under the water.


Room Description
Dojo Courtyard This is the Courtyard.
It was covered in snow for many moons!
Enter the Dojo and take the path of the Ninja.
Dojo Here we are in the Dojo.
Learn to become a Ninja with Card-Jitsu.
Train and earn belts to progress.
Only the dedicated will succeed.
Ninja Hideout Welcome to the Ninja Hideout!
Only ninjas have access to this special room.
Here you will find the Martial Artworks catalog...
Where you can buy the amulet.
The Amulet is the key to open the door.
Fire Dojo Welcome to the Fire Dojo atop the Volcano!
Here ninjas learn to master the element of fire,
by playing Card-Jitsu Fire!
Talk to Sensei over there to learn more!

The Migrator

Room Description
Pirate Ship This is the pirate ship, the Migrator. Arrrr!
Rockhopper sails the seas in this ship.
Ship Hold Here is the ship's cargo hold.
This is where Rockhopper sells his rare items.
Captain's Quarters This is the Captain's Quarters!
Rockhopper spends a lot of time here.
Look at the corkboard for his photos!
Or, grab a friend and hunt for some treasure!


Room Description
Underwater BLUB! This place is Underwater...
Look at all the colorful fish and plants! And treasure!
This place sure is unusual...
Iceberg This is the Iceberg. It is a secret room.
In the distance you can see Club Penguin.
If you want to dive into the ocean depths...
...try out the Aqua Grabber!
Box Dimension Welcome to the Box Dimension.
This mysterious place is the source of all boxes.
Please leave the laws of physics at the door.


Operation: Blackout

Room Description
(Town Place)
Welcome to Herbert Tours.
Herbert has written everything I say because he's so smart and awesome.
This is the Town Place.
It has a statue of Herbert now.
Pretty cool if you ask me.
Coffee Shop
(Coffee Store)
Welcome to the Coffee Store.
Herbert says penguins drink too much coffee
so from now on
only carrot juice will be served.
Feel free to play all games to play here.
But do not have fun.
Fun is outlawed.
Book Room
Up here is the Newsroom.
Herbert says the newspaper is awesome now that he is writing it himself.
Please send him any questions you have
because Herbert is really smart and strong... sigh.
Night Club
(Noisy Club)
Here we have the Noisy Club
Herbert says this place plays music too loud
so loud music is now forbidden here.
Please feel free to dance and mix music
but do it quietly!
Dance Lounge
(Video Game Room)
This is the Video Game Room?
Herbert says that arcades are silly.
And waste precious time that should be spent on concocting evil plans.
But if you're gonna to play anyway,
Herbert recommends setting a time limit
About 35 seconds should do.
Gift Shop
(Shop of Gifts)
Welcome to the Shop of Gifts.
Herbert recently improved the catalog by posing with some of the items.
100% of the profits go to the Herbert Fund.
Plaza This is the Plaza.
Here you'll find the best pizzeria on the island
a wonderful Stage production
starring Herbert, and a stinky place full of puffles.
Herbert recommends avoiding the Pet Shop
because puffles are really annoying.
Pet Shop This is the Pet Shop.
Herbert thinks that puffles are really annoying
so he doesn't visit here very often
He plans on outlawing puffles soon and replacing them with pet rocks
Won't that be fun?
Stage Shh! Be quiet!
This is the Stage
which is currently showing a play about Herbert.
Please find a seat and watch in awe.
Flash photography is encouraged.
Pizza Parlor
Here we have the Pizzeria!
Herbert recommends the seaweed vegetarian pizza.
In fact when Herbert gets the chance
he'll be outlawing all other kinds of pizzas.
So enjoy the Fish Dish pizza while you can.
Ski Village
(Snow Town)
Here we have the Snow Town.
Pay no attention to the building on fire.
That's just the former base of the Elite Penguin Force.
It was disguised as an Everyday Phoning Facility.
Wait! That spells EPF too! I just got that!
Ski Hill
(Herbert Mountain)
Here we have the top of Herbert Mountain.
Herbert recently renamed it as his own honor.
It used to be called the Ski Hill
even though no one ever skis here
Herbert Mountain is a way cooler name.
Ski Lodge
(Herbert's Cabin)
Welcome to Herbert's Cabin
Herbert originally wanted to cut it down
to provided much needed campfires for everyone
but ever since he took over the island
he's decided to keep as it is.
Isn't Herbert a nice guy?
Lodge Attic
(Storage Room)
Welcome to the Storage Room.
Herbert finds this place a little creepy.
Like, what's up with that rocking horse?
It's WAY too big. It doesn't make sense. Creepy.
Everyday Phoning Facility
(The Entrance to EPF)
This WAS the entrance to EPF, but Herbert showed THEM who's boss!
Feel free to warm yourself by the fire
which Herbert has graciously provided.
EPF Command Room
(The HQ for the Elite Penguin Failures)
Voila! This is the HQ for the Elite Penguin Failures!
They tried to stop Herbert many times
but Herbert was WAY too smart and strong and talented
and cool and strong, and now they're gone.
(Herbert Beach)
Here we have Herbert Beach.
Though without the sun, it will be hard to get tan.
(Lighthouse Hospital)
This is the Lighthouse Hospital.
We're pretty sure Herbert doesn't know that place exists
Anyone who is sick or injured can come here
or if you need a safe place to get warm.
Will this blackout never end?
(Giant Lightbulb)
Up there is the Giant Lightbulb.
It's actually getting more use these days
now that Herbert stole all the sunlight.
It must stay on, to make sure no boats crash here.
Soon it, might be the only light left on the island.
(Dock Encampment)
Welcome to the Dock encampment.
A care center has been set up for puffles that are lost
cold, or sick from the Blackout.
Please help out if you have a moment.
Herbert avoids this place
he doesn't like puffles!
Snow Forts
(Snowball Fight Room)
Here we have the Snowball Fight Room.
Herbert would like to remind everyone
that it is illegal to throw snowballs at him.
Anyone who does may be frozen.
(Herbert Stadium)
This is Herbert Stadium.
Herbert has plans to tear it down
and build a giant amusement park for crabs only.
No penguins allowed.
(Herbert Forest)
This is Herbert Forest.
Did you know that Herbert planted ALL these trees?
It's true!And each one has a special name.
That one is named Barky
and that one is Barky 2.
Isn't Herbert a great guy?
(Swimming Hole)
This is the Swimming Hole.
Herbert says that swimming is bad for you
like when you get water in your ears
Isn't that super duper annoying?
So swimming is outlawed.
Mine Shack
(Tool Shed)
Here we have the Tool Shed.
Herbert plans to turn it into a spa for polar bears.
So if you're a polar bear...
Umm... Good for you?
Welcome to the MINE...
it's now called the MINE because when Herbert saw it
he said "THIS IS MINE".
So please stay out.
Underground Pool This next bit of info is written by Klutzy...
click click clickty click!
Ka-click click click
clickety clickey click!
Boiler Room This is one of the best rooms on the island
so welcome to the Boiler Room!
This place is pretty quiet and warm
which are Herbert's two favorite things!
Cave Mine
(Dark Cave)
This is the Dark Cave.
The light generator was designed by Herbert
who donated it but never got credit
But that's okay.
Herbert is chill about it
especially now that he's Illustrious Leader Supreme.
Yay Herbert.
Hidden Lake
(Herbert Cave)
This is Herbert Cave.
Enjoy it while you can.
Herbert plans to turn it into a seaweed storage room.
Sorry mermaids!
Dojo Courtyard
(Ninja Restaurant)
Behold the Ninja Restaurant.
Herbert doesn't like to eat here
because he heard that they serve fish
and he's a strict vegetarian.
Hopefully it will close down soon.
(Ninja Palace)
Welcome to Ninja Palace.
Herbert doesn't know much about ninjas
because he's pretty sure they don't exist.
So this place must be imaginary.
You have a great imagination!
(Klutzy Reef)
Welcome to Klutzy Reef.
When Herbert took over the island
he gave this room to Klutzy
Which was really nice of Herbert
because Herbert is really nice.
Iceberg This is the Iceberg.
Herbert thinks icebergs are unreliable and prone to tipping over
so please watch your step.
Box Dimension
(Barf Room)
The first time Herbert saw this place
he got dizzy and barfed
So this is now known as the Barf Room
and Herbert will no longer be visiting here.

Island Adventure Party: Rockhopper's Quest

Room Description
Town Arrrr!
This be the place for adventure!
It be the Town
Do a jig at the Dance Club...
or grab a bandana at the Clothes Shop!
Plaza This be the Plaza...
built by marooned sailors
They be doin' fine here...
they even be havin' a Pizza Parlor!
Beach Arrr welcome to the Beach
It be the restin' place o' the Migrator
Ye can search for treasure...
or salvage parts fer yer own ship!
Dock Avast it be the Dock!
Grab a seat and look for treasure...
and sing a sea shanty!
Watch out for duelin' pirates!
Forest It be the Forest!
Thar be lots of things here.
Some say thar be treasure...
that be an interesting one.
Cove Avast it be the lost Cove!
It be a place of mystery and red puffles!
Rumored to hold treasure...
and the best surfin'
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