Party/Event Logo Start Date End Date Free Items Notes Characters
New Year's Day 2020 None December 31, 2019 January 2 DJ Maxx's Stage Giveaway 2019's last event and 2020's first event. DJ Maxx (performance, non-meetable)
Festival of Lights
Festival of Lights Logo
January 23 January 30 Eclipse Glasses, Jet Pack, JPG's Eclipse Giveaway Club Penguin Rewritten's second eclipse event. Jet Pack Guy
3rd Anniversary Party
3rd Anniversary Party Logo
February 9 February 14 3rd Anniversary Party Hat, 3rd Anniversary Cake Pin, Aunt Arctic Giveaway Party celebrating 3 years of Club Penguin Rewritten. Aunt Arctic
Puffle Party 2020
Puffle Party 2019 Logo
February 20 March 5 PH Giveaway Background, Polka Dot Puffle Hat, Puffle Jacket, Red Puffle Bandana Club Penguin Rewritten's fourth Puffle Party. Puffle Handler
St. Patrick's Day Party 2020 None March 15 March 19 Patty's Hat Club Penguin Rewritten's third St. Patrick's Day Party. None
150th Newspaper Event
150th Newspaper
March 18 March 26 150th Newspaper Pin A celebration for the 150th issue of the Club Penguin Times.
Fashion Party
Fashion Party Logo
March 19 Dot's Giveaway, Fashion Contest Winner Background It is the second party or event in Club Penguin Rewritten to be themed after fashion. Dot
April Fools' Party 2020 None March 26 April 2 Box Costume, Box Shoes, Box Hat, Delivery Hat, Delivery Outfit, Purple Propeller Cap, Rookie's Cream Soda Giveaway, Swirly Glasses Club Penguin Rewritten's third April Fools' Day Party. Rookie
Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt 2020
Easter Egg Hunt Icon
April 9 April 16 Green Bunny Ears Club Penguin Rewritten's third Egg Scavenger Hunt. None
Soccer Mommy Concert None April 16 Blue Electric Guitar, Blue Keytar, Blue Snare Drum, Golden Microphone, Purple Electric Bass Club Penguin Rewritten's first concert unrelated to Music Jams. Graeme, Julian, Rodrigo, Rollum, Sophie
Earth Day Party 2020 April 16 April 23 Outback Exploring Hat Club Penguin Rewritten's fourth Earth Day Party. None
Penguin Play Awards 2020
April 23 May 7 Aunt Arctic Awards Giveaway, Bronze Play Award, Giant Play Award Statue, Gold D Glasses, Gold Feather Boa, Gold Play Award, Gold Play Award Pin, Goldstache, Premiere Pizza Background, Press Hat, Red and Gold Carpet, Red Curtain, Silver Play Award, Video Camera Club Penguin Rewritten's second Penguin Play Awards. Aunt Arctic
Summer Bash
Summer Bash Logo
May 17 May 29 None Main event held by a few members of the community on May 17. None
Instrument Hunt 2020
Instrument Hunt 2020 Icon
June 4 June 12 Instruments Background Club Penguin Rewritten's second Instrument Hunt.
Music Jam 2020
Music Jam 2020 Logo
June 12 June 25 Band Autograph, Beat Dropper Hat, Boombox, Bubble Gum, Cadence's Twilight Giveaway, Center Stage Background, DJ Maxx Background, Fairy Flower, Fruit Vine, Inner Tube, MP3000 Bling Edition, Music Splatter Hat, Sunset Flower Background, Tropical Hammock Club Penguin Rewritten's fourth Music Jam. Originally meant to begin on May 21. DJ Maxx (performance, non-meetable), Cadence, Penguin Band
Medieval Party 2020
Medieval Party 2020 Logo
July 24 August 7 Battle Cape, Gary Ancient Giveaway, King and Queen Background, Noble Helmet, Scorn Crest Pin, Skyward Staff, Squire Outfit, Iron Armor, Iron Helmet, Staff and Shield, Dragon's Gold, Toothbrush Pin, White Noble Horse, Gold Staff and Shield, White Knight Armor, White Knight Helmet Club Penguin Rewritten's fourth Medieval Party. Gary
Water Party 2020
Club Penguin Rewritten's second Water Party. TBA

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