Party/Event Logo Start Date End Date Items Notes Characters
Beta Test Party
Beta Test Party Logo2
February 11 February 13 Beta Hat First party in Club Penguin Rewritten Gary, Aunt Arctic, Rockhopper and more
Dig Out the Dojo
Dig Out the Dojo logo
February 13 (phase 1), February 18, (phase 2) March 8 Miners Helmet It was the first event and was followed by the Dojo Grand Re-Opening Sensei
Puffle Party 2017
Puffle Party logo
February 15 February 24 Puffle Hat, Puffle Jacket Started early because of Club Penguin Rewritten 's downtime. Puffle Handler
2,000 Players Celebration Event None February 19 February 19 None Celebration for the milestone of 2,000 users. Puffle Handler, Cadence, Aunt Arctic and Gary
Mountain Expedition
February 26March 10Chilly Trek Hat, Red Flag, Top Of The Mountain Background, Infrared Tracker, Expedition Key Pin, AC 3000 PinOperation: Hibernation also occurred during this party, which lead to Herbert P. Bear's hibernation. Gary
Dojo Grand Re-Opening
March 8 July 26 Geta Sandals The result of Dig Out the Dojo Sensei
St. Patrick's Day Party 2017
St Patrick's Day
March 14March 21Shamrock Hat, AccordionClub Penguin Rewritten's first St. Patrick's Day Party. Petey K
10,000 Players Celebration Event
10k Party
March 14 None Milestone of celebrating 10,000 users. Sensei and Gary
April Fools' Party 2017
April Fools' Party logo
March 29 April 12 Red Propeller CapSwirly GlassesBox HatBox ShoesBox CostumeKing Jester Hat Club Penguin Rewritten's first April Fools' Day Party. Rookie
100K Penguin Celebration
100K Penguins
April 5 April 5 None None Franky, Sensei and Rookie
Easter Egg Hunt 2017
Easter Egg Hunt Icon
April 12 April 16 Pink Bunny Ears Ended early because of Club Penguin Rewritten 's 4-day downtime. None
Earth Day Party 2017 None April 20 April 26 Recycle PinStraw Gardening Hat Celebration of the opening of the Recycling Plant. Gary
Recycle Hunt
Recycle Icon
Find all of the missing trash.
Medieval Party 2017
May 10 May 24 Purple Wizard Hat, White Noble Horse, Dragon's Gold, Toothbrush Pin, King's Crown Pin,

White Knight's Helmet, White Knight Armor, Gold Staff and Shield, Golden Shield, Golden Knight's Armor, Golden Knight's Helmet

Club Penguin Rewritten 's first Medieval Party.
Battle of Doom None May 24 May 28 EPF Badge Pin, Blue Hydra Head, Yellow Hydra Head,Red Hydra Head Herbert P. Bear attacked the Everyday Phoning Facility with the Hydra Bot. None
Cove Anniversary Party
Cove Anniversary logo
May 25 Whistle, Life Ring To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the cove.

This was the first Mystery Event of Club Penguin Rewritten, as confirmed by the Club Penguin Times Issue #12.

Aunt Arctic
Instrument Hunt
Instrument Hunt icon
June 7 June 14 Band Background The Penguin Band lost their instruments. None
Music Jam 2017
Music Jam
June 14 June 25 Music Jam Shirt, Pair of Maracas, Boombox, DJ Maxx Background, Cadence Background, Band Autograph Club Penguin Rewritten 's first Music Jam. Penguin Band, DJ Maxx, Cadence
Color Vote 2017
Color Vote Logo
June 28 July 5 None Penguins were able to vote for the next color available in Club Penguin Rewritten. Rockhopper
Water Party 2017 None July 19 August 2 Shell Necklace, Inflatable Duck, Ice Cream Apron, Umbrella Hat Club Penguin Rewritten 's first Water Party. None
Festival of Flight
FF Party
August 16 August 23 Green Propeller Cap, Jet Pack, Jet Pack Guy Background Club Penguin Rewritten was lifted up into the sky for maintenance. Jet Pack Guy
Wilderness Expedition
Wilderness Expedition Logo
August 30 September 13 Expedition Hat, Brown Puffle, Brown Puffle House, PH Giveaway Background The party was extended due to European players being unable to play the game. PH
The Fair 2017
The Fair
September 26 October 11 Step Right Up BackgroundRookie's Giveaway Club Penguin Rewritten 's first Fair. This party was extended due to it being delayed. Rookie
1M Players Celebration Event None October 5 October 8 None Celebration for the milestone of 1,000,000 users. Cadence, Aunt Arctic, Franky, Rookie
The Great Storm of 2017 None October 19 November 5 Cosmic Umbrella Club Penguin Rewritten 's first great storm continued through Halloween. None
Club Penguin 12th Anniversary Party
12th birthday
October 22 October 24 12th Anniversary Hat, Blue Toque Party celebrating 12 years of the original Club Penguin. Aunt Arctic
Halloween Party 2017
October 25 November 5 Pumpkin Basket, Halloween Scarf, Storm Lantern, Pile O' Candy, Gary Background, DJ Maxx's Halloween Giveaway Club Penguin Rewritten 's first Halloween Party.

Gary was kidnapped at the end of the party by Herbert.

Gary, DJ Maxx
Halloween Candy Hunt 2017
Scavenger Hunt Basket
Part of the Halloween Party 2017.
Operation: Blackout
November 15 December 6 Herbert Security Clearance Pin, Klutzy Disguise, Herbert Disguise, Grappling Hook, Plasma Laser, Deflection Vest, Smoke Goggles, Anti Lava Boots, Dot's Giveaway, Jet Pack Guy's Blackout Giveaway, Herbert's Giveaway Background Longest party in Club Penguin Rewritten. Herbert, Dot, Jet Pack Guy
Dig Out the Island None December 6 December 20 None The aftermath of Operation: Blackout and as part of the construction process for the Christmas Party 2017. None
Coins for Change 2017 Coins for Change logo December 13 January 3, 2018 Bell, Candy Cane Hat, Reindeer Antlers, Santa's Present Bag, Coins for Change 2017 Pin, Rockhopper's Christmas Giveaway, Band Autograph Club Penguin Rewritten 's first charity event. Originally cancelled on December 10 until being brought back on December 12. Rockhopper, Penguin Band, Sensei
Christmas Party 2017
December 20 Club Penguin Rewritten 's first Christmas Party.

It included Coins for Change.

New Year's Day 2018 None December 27 None 2017's last event and 2018's first event. None

For Fireworks and Rockhopper Visits, click their respective pages.

None None 2018
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