The following is a list of characters from Club Penguin Rewritten.


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Image Name Profession
Rockhopper Images
Rockhopper Pirate, Captain of The Migrator
Aunt Arctic21
Aunt Arctic Editor in chief of the Club Penguin Times, The Director
Cadence DJ, singer, dancer
Gary10 zpsc8f0d06e
Gary Tech lead of the Elite Penguin Force, inventor, scientist, technology specialist, Sport Shop owner
Rookie Excited For The Fair 2012
Rookie Comm leader of the Elite Penguin Force, Public relations officer
Jet Pack Guy Tactical leader of the Elite Penguin Force
Mister Herbert P. Bear
Herbert Arch-enemy of the Elite Penguin Force
Agent dot
Dot Stealth leader of the Elite Penguin Force, Costume designer
Sensei Card-Jitsu sensei
PH Puffle Handler
DJ Maxx
DJ Maxx DJ
Rory Construction worker
Franky Musician, member of the Penguin Band
Petey K
G Billy
Stompin' Bob

Stage Characters

The Penguins that Time Forgot

Image Name Profession
Costume Trunk June 2008 2
Chester Time traveler
Rsz costume trunk june 2008 1
Kek Actor
Costume Trunk June 2008 4
Costume Trunk Grass Skirt

Squidzoid vs Shadow Guy & Gamma Gal

Image Name Profession
Squidzoid artwork
Squidzoid Supervillain
Shadow Guy
Shadow Guy Superhero
Gamma Gal
Gamma Gal
Mild Mannered Reporter Reporter
Melmonst Supervillain

Quest for the Golden Puffle

Image Name Profession
Alaska Explorer
Yukon Costume Trunk
King Ra-Ra Costume Trunk
King Ra-Ra King
Boris Costume Trunk
Boris The Mummy Mummy

Underwater Adventure

Image Name Profession
Fiesel Diver
Bubbles Mermaid
Flippers Merman
Wise Fish Stage
Wise Fish Fortune teller
Toby the Lobster Parking attendant

Fairy Fables

Image Name Profession
Twee Storyteller
Grumpunzel Princess
Prince Redhood
Prince Redhood Prince
Costume Trunk Jan 2010 4
Big Bad Wool Burglar

The Haunting of the Viking Opera

Image Name Profession
Hector the Director
Hector the Director Director
Costume Trunk Feb 2011 4
Helga Opera singer
Costume Trunk Feb 2011 6
The Glowing Ghost Costume designer
Dark Detective Coat 2
Inspector Bailey Inspector

Space Adventure/Space Adventure Planet Y

Image Name Profession
Captain Snow
Captain Snow Captain of the SS Astro Barrier
Costume Trunk August 17
Tin Can 3000 Member of Space Adventure crew
Costume Trunk Nov 2010 3
Ensign First officer of the SS Astro Barrier
Costume Trunk Nov 2010 5
Zip Alien
Costume Trunk Feb 2019 3
Quip and Qua

Ruby and the Ruby

Image Name Profession
Ms Ruby
Ms. Ruby None
Costume Trunk July 2009 2
Jacques Hammer Detective
Costume Trunk July 2009 4
Tenor Member of the hopscotch gang
Costume Trunk July 2009 5
Dom Doorman

Night of the Living Sled: Live

Image Name Profession
Rad Scientist
Rad Scientist Scientist
Living Sled Villain
Living Sled Penguins
Living Sled Penguins None

A Humbug Holiday

Image Name Profession
Ghost of yeasterday
Ghost of Yesterday Ghost
Ghost of today
Ghost of Today
Ghost of tomorow
Ghost of Tomorrow
Humbug None

Team Blue's Rally Debut/Team Blue's Rally 2

Image Name Profession
Tate The Migrator
Tate the Migrator Mascot
Zeus the Moose
Zeus the Moose
Peppy the Parrot
Jeff the Ref
Jeff the Ref Referee
Jupiter Mascot
Bella Cheerleader

Norman Swarm Has Been Transformed

Image Name Profession
Norman Swarm
Norman Swarm Scientist
Bonnie the moth
Bonnie the Moth None
Gladys the Spider
Gladys the Spider
Bernard the Garden Gnome
Bernard the Garden Gnome Garden gnome
Toni the Snail
Toni the Snail None
Fuzz the bee
Fuzz the Bee

The Twelfth Fish

Image Name Profession
The Twelfth Fish Countess
Countess Countess
The Twelfth Fish Bard
Bard Bard
The Twelfth Fish Jester
Jester Jester
The Twelfth Fish Fish
Fish None

Battle of the Ancient Shadows

Image Name Profession
Snow Monkey Character
Snow Monkey None
Sage Fish Character
Sage Fish
Ancient Dragon Character
Ancient Dragon

Secrets of the Bamboo Forest

Image Name Profession
Costume Trunk Apr 2019 2
Monkey King King
Costume Trunk Apr 2019 1
Funny Pig None
Costume Trunk Apr 2019 4
Guardian Dog Guardian
Costume Trunk Apr 2019 3
Phoenix Queen Queen

Book Characters

Image Name Profession
Bambadee book
Bambadee None
DanielD Worker in the Boiler Room
Jacob Mukluk None
Scrooge christmas
Scrooge Former owner of the Pizza Parlor
Smulley None

EPF/PSA Mission Characters

Major Characters

Image Name Profession
Coffee Shop Barista Coffee Shop barista
Dancing Penguin
Dancing Penguin None
The Director Director of the PSA and EPF
Hydro hopper penguin
Hydro-Hopper Penguin Hydro-Hopper manager
Klutzy the Crab
Klutzy Villain
Mission 5 Pizza Chef
Pizza Chef Pizza Parlor chef

Minor Characters

PSA Mission 1: Case of the Missing Puffles

Image Name Profession
Ice Rink Snorkeler
Ice Rink Snorkeler Snorkeler
Iceberg Penguins
Iceberg Penguins None

PSA Mission 4: Avalanche Rescue

Image Name Profession
Fireman and Injured Penguin
Fireman and Injured Penguin Fireman
Injured Bandaged Penguin
Injured Bandaged Penguin None
Injured Cone Penguin
Injured Cone Penguin
Injured Stretcher Penguin
Injured Stretcher Penguin
Newspaper Construction Worker
Newspaper Construction Worker Construction Worker
Purple Construction Worker
Purple Construction Worker
Red Construction Worker
Red Construction Worker
Sand Castle Penguin
Sand Castle Penguin None
Umbrella Hat Penguin
Umbrella Hat Penguin

PSA Mission 5: Secret of the Fur

Image Name Profession
Fishing Penguin Fisherman
Stair Penguins
Stair Penguins None

PSA Mission 6: Questions for a Crab

Image Name Profession
Bernie None

PSA Mission 7: Clockwork Repairs

Image Name Profession
Beach Chair Penguin
Beach Chair Penguin None
Blue Team penguins
Blue Team Penguins Blue Team members
Dancing Penguin's Friend
Dancing Penguin's Newspaper Friend None
Pet Shop Owner
Pet Shop Owner Pet Shop owner
Snow Beach Chair Penguin
Snow Beach Chair Penguin None

PSA Mission 8: Mysterious Tremors

Image Name Profession
Balloon Penguin
Balloon Penguin Unknown
Cream Soda Penguin
Cream Soda Penguin
Lime Green Town Penguin
Lime Green Town Penguin None
Line Penguins
Line Penguins
Pink Town Penguin
Pink Town Penguin

PSA Mission 9: Operation Spy & Seek

Image Name Profession
Destructo Owner
Destructo's Owner None
Ed McCool Owner
Ed McCool's Owner
Find Four penguins
Find Four Penguins Find Four players

PSA Mission 10: Waddle Squad

Image Name Profession
Gift Shop Manager
Gift Shop Manager Gift Shop manager

PSA Mission 11: The Veggie Villain

Image Name Profession
Dancing Penguin's Peach Friend
Dancing Penguin's Peach Friend None
Dancing Penguin's Red Friend
Dancing Penguin's Red Friend


Image Name Profession
Agent Aunt Arctic's puffle
Puffle Pal Adventures Blast
Blast Elite Puffle
Puffle Pal Adventures Bouncer
Puffle Pal Adventures Chirp
Cornelius Aunt Arctic's puffle
Destructo Lime Green penguin's puffle
Ed McCool the Red Puffle
Ed McCool Yellow penguin's puffle
EleanorMae Aunt Arctic's puffle
Flare paper
Flare Elite Puffle
Great puffle circus ringmaster
Great Puffle Circus Ringmaster Ringmaster
Herbert Aunt Arctic's puffle
Keeper of the Boiler
Keeper of the Boiler Room Keeper of the Boiler Room
Keeper of Stage Psa Mission
Keeper of the Stage Keeper of the Stage
Lolz Cadence's puffle
Puffle Pal Adventures Loop
Loop Elite Puffle
Plok Box Dimension
Plok None
Puffle Pal Adventures Pop
Pop Elite Puffle
Bowler Propeller Green Puffle
Propeller Hat Puffle None
Sage Elemental Background Artwork
Sage Sensei's puffle
Scone Aunt Arctic's puffle
Stu Jr.
Stu Jr. Stu's puffle
Wilderness Black Puffle
Wilderness Black Puffle None
Yarr (item) clothing icon ID 5020
Yarr Rockhopper's puffle, first mate of The Migrator

Game Characters

Aqua Grabber

Image Name Profession
Crab Guardian
Crab Guardian Guardian
Giant Clam
Giant Pufferfish
Grand Puffy
Squid Article
Giant Squid None

Catchin' Waves

Image Name Profession
Catchin Waves judge Grinds
Grinds Judge Judge
Catchin Waves judge Tube
Shoot Tube Judge
Catchin Waves judge Flips
Flips Judge
Catchin Waves judge Everything
Everything Judge
Catchin Waves judge Tricks
Lots of Tricks Judge
Catchin Waves judge Spin
Spin Moves Judge
Catchin Waves judge Balance
Balance Judge
Catchin Waves judge Tricks Grinds
Tricks/Grinds Judge
Catchin Waves judge Icebreaker
Icebreaker Judge
Catchin Waves judge Backstand
Backstand Judge
Catchin Waves judge Costal Kick
Costal Kick Judge
Catchin Waves judge Surf Fever
Surf Fever Judge
Catchin Waves judge Blender
The Blender Judge
Catchin Waves judge Lazy Wave
Lazy Wave Judge
Jet pack surfer
Jet Pack Surfer Surfer
Catchin Waves Penguins
Ocean Blue Penguins Surfers

Dance Contest

Image Name Profession
Dance Contest Penguins
Dance Contest Penguins None


Image Name Profession
Hydro Hopper Penguins Hydro-Hopper driver and riders

Puffle Launch

Image Name Profession
Klepto Boss 1
Klepto Villain

Sled Racing

Image Name Profession
Old Blue Penguins in Sled Race
Clapping Penguins None

System Defender

Image Name Profession
Jet bot
Jet Bot Test Bot
Snow Bot
Wheel Bot
Wheel Bot
Ultimate Protobot
Ultimate Proto-Bot 10000 Villain

Party/Event Characters

Image Name Profession
101 Days Characters
101 Days of Fun Characters None
Dragon Queen
Dragon Queen Queen
Gariwald VIII Inventor, paranormal investigator
Octi The Octopus
Octi None
Medieval Party 2018 Scorn The Meanie
Scorn the Dragon King King

Other Characters

Image Name Profession
Fred the Clockwork Cuckoo Clockwork bird
Safety Jim
Safety Jim Moderator
Wolf Star
Wolf Star None
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