The Limo is a party room that appeared during the Penguin Play Awards 2020. It used to be accessed from the Plaza, Snow Forts and Town every three minutes.

The features of the Limo include an in-door pool, a DJ stand and a bar. Penguins can also sit in the driver's seat or front passengers seat. During the ride, the Limo will stop at the Plaza, Snow Forts and Town, where penguins can also board from. However, players cannot leave the room while the Limo is in transit unless they use the map.


Time (PST) Music Name
12 AM Haunted Disco
1 AM Halloween Disco
2 AM Hard Rock
3 AM Honolulu Honey
4 AM I've Been Delayed
5 AM The Party Starts Now Instrumental
6 AM Backbeat Jammin'
7 AM Wave Rider
8 AM Herbert Style
9 AM Pop
10 AM N/A
11 AM DJ3K Mix
12 PM Crossing Over
1 PM Vegas
2 PM Ska Mad
3 PM Communication
4 PM Zero Gravity
5 PM Pop Song
6 PM Gravitron
7 PM Ambient Riffing
8 PM Rave Wave
9 PM Waddle Wave
10 PM Rainy Day Ska
11 PM 8bit


  • According to Halopona, the room contains 24 tracks for every hour in the day.[1]
  • Due to a glitch, the music for the Limo at 10 AM PST did not play. Instead, the background engine noise would play repeatedly. This glitch was never fixed.

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