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The Lighthouse is a tall building in Club Penguin Rewritten, located by the Beach, which, by use of its beacon, served as a guide for ships. The Lighthouse has more function beyond its beacon, however. There is a stage, which was used by penguins to perform and play music. Various other objects were stored here as well.

By the stage, there are folding chairs, and a piano, while on the stage there is a microphone and a drum set. Along the walls, there are fishing nets, buoys, crates, barrels, and more, as well as various novelties, such as a ship in a bottle, a ship's wheel, and more. Hung on the wall are various paintings, as well as one portrait of Captain Rockhopper. There is a spiral staircase leading up to the Beacon at the edges of the walls. A box containing musical instruments is also here, which are sold through the Music Catalog.


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  • The "TO TOP" sign automatically takes players to the Beacon when clicked, instead of having to walk to the top.
  • The Play It Loud! Stamp can be earned here if the player plays a musical instrument on the stage while other penguins do the same




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