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The Laser Maze was a set of rooms that were available to complete during the Mountain Expedition. They could be accessed through the Ice Cave on the Toughest Mountain.

Section 1

This was the first of the three rooms. To get through, penguins had to avoid lasers in their path. The lasers ran on a timer meaning that they would turn off after a period of time. If you didn't avoid the lasers then you would be placed back at the beginning.

Section 2

After completing the previous section the player would be given access to this section. This room used the same methods as the first. This area also had the Expedition Key which unlocked access to Herbert's Den.

Image Pin
Expedition Key Pin.png Expedition Key Pin

Final Section

After completing the second room, the player would be given access to the final section. It led to the Classified Area. While this room retained the laser method of the previous sections, infrared lasers were also introduced, which didn't turn off.


  • It was possible, but extremely difficult, to complete the Laser Maze without wearing the Infrared Tracker.


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