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Jet Pack Adventure is a singleplayer game in Club Penguin Rewritten that can accessed through the Beacon.

Players can bring their Green Puffles into this game, which help collect coins.


Players travel from location to location using a jetpack, collecting coins along the way. If the player runs out of Jet Packs, a short cut scene shows the penguin falling from the sky and falling (in the Mine levels, the player does not reach the floor). Extra fuel and 1-ups can be collected, but you must watch out for anvils and coffee bags. Other occasional obstacles may come, such as a shark or fish.

If the player makes it to the end of Level 5, they travel to the Mine. If a player loses before the end of the game, he or she will land in the room they were flying above before they lost, which is unknown when you are flying.



Image Name Description
LiftOff Lift Off! Take off and return to the launch pad
FuelRank1 Fuel Rank 1 Collect all fuel cans in Level 1
PufflePilot Puffle Pilot Bring a green puffle into the game


Image Name Description
JetPack5 Jet Pack 5 Complete 5 levels
Crash Crash! Crash land your jet pack at the Forest
FuelRank2 Fuel Rank 2 Collect all fuel cans in Level 2
FuelRank3 Fuel Rank 3 Collect all fuel cans in Level 3
FuelRank4 Fuel Rank 4 Collect all fuel cans in Level 4
FuelRank5 Fuel Rank 5 Collect all fuel cans in Level 5
1upLeader 1-up Leader Collect 2 x 1-ups
PuffleBonus Puffle Bonus Your green puffle collects 200 coins


Image Name Description
Kerching Kerching! Collect 650 coins
FuelCommand Fuel Command Collect all fuel cans in one game
FuelWings Fuel Wings Collect a fuel can while falling
1upCaptain 1-up Captain Collect all 1-ups in one game
PufflePlus Puffle Plus Your green puffle collects 450 coins


Image Name Description
AcePilot Ace Pilot Complete the game without collecting any coins
PuffleBoost Puffle Boost Your green puffle gets a gas can when you run out of fuel


  • At around halfway on the mountain climb at the end of Level 3, the player will sometimes experience collisions with invisible obstacles, losing fuel as a result.


  • If the player finishes the game with no coins, by not collecting them in the levels and getting no fuel bonus, they will get a 1000 coins and an extreme stamp.
  • Level 1 is the only level that has no 1-Ups.
  • It was confirmed in devcast that they want to revamp Jet Pack Adventure.[1]
  • If you have all the stamps, you still won't receive double coins.
  • The 1-up locations are:
    • Level 1: There are no 1-ups in this level.
    • Level 2: Go straight up at the beginning of the level and dodge the windmills. Travel at the top of the level until you find it.
    • Level 3: When you get to the top of the mountain near the end of the level, go left to find the 1-up in a windmill.
    • Level 4: At the end of the level, when you see the "Land here" sign continue going down to find the 1-up.
    • Level 5: Stay on the right of the pit until you see a warning sign (triangle with an exclamation mark on). Go right and then up to find the 1-up.
  • According to Gary the Gadget Guy, the floating coins in the game have a helium coated alloy "which allows small metal objects to float".[2]





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