Inner Tube in Sled Racing

A penguin on an inner tube.

An Inner Tube is a form of transportation in Club Penguin Rewritten. It is commonly used in Sled Racing and Hydro-Hopper. It resembles a big, red inflatable ring seen in water parks. It also has two either metal or plastic handles on both sides for the penguin to hold on. It is the default form of transportation used in Sled Racing and Hydro-Hopper unless the player wears a sled or a wakeboard.


  • This item is not obtainable. It can only be seen being used in the mentioned mini games above.
  • Next to the place where you can play Hydro-Hopper, there are three Inner Tubes stacked up each other where it can be interactive when the player hovers the cursor there.
  • This item can be seen when the player is waiting at a Sled Racing match.
    • It cannot be seen if the player is holding the racing sleds (Game Upgrades for Sled Racing).
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