Igloo Emoticon

An igloo as seen on the map, also used as an Emoticon.

The Igloo is the player's house on Club Penguin Rewritten. The player can customize it with furniture bought from the Better Igloos catalog with the Igloo Editor. You can buy new igloos and flooring in the Igloo Upgrades Catalog. You can also play a variety of music. Igloos are where Puffles stay when not being walked and where all your furniture goes.

You can open your igloo up for anyone to go to or you can have it locked, where only you and your Buddies can enter.

Igloo Contests are frequently held. In these contests, penguins are given a theme, usually related to an ongoing Party or Event, to base the decoration of their igloos around, and can then submit their igloo to a panel of judges for the chance to win prizes. The first Igloo Contest, the Super Silly Igloo Contest, was held in conjunction with the April Fools' Party 2017 and began on March 31, 2017.

​List of Igloos

Released Igloos

Icon Name Cost Notes
Basic Igloo
Basic Igloo 1500 Coin ico Given to the player automatically.
Deluxe Blue Igloo
Deluxe Blue Igloo 4000 Coin ico
Candy Igloo (in-game)
Candy Igloo 1500 Coin ico
Deluxe Candy Igloo
Big Candy Igloo 4000 Coin ico
Snow Igloo (in-game)
Snow Igloo 1000 Coin ico
Deluxe Snow Igloo
Deluxe Snow Igloo 3000 Coin ico
Split Level Igloo 4600 Coin ico
Candy Split Level Igloo
Candy Split Level Igloo
Secret Stone Igloo (in-game)
Secret Stone Igloo 2000 Coin ico Found by clicking on the crowbar on the top-right of the "Floor Removal Service" page.
Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo (in-game)
Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo 5000 Coin ico Found by clicking on the door of the Deluxe Snow Igloo. Currently the most expensive Igloo in-game.
Backyard Igloo
Backyard Igloo 3500 Coin ico
Log Cabin Undecorated
Log Cabin 4100 Coin ico
Green Clover Igloo
Green Clover Igloo 2050 Coin ico
Cozy Cottage Igloo 2500 Coin ico
Double Story Igloo
Double Story Igloo Free Obtained by winning the Super Silly Igloo Contest during April 2017.
Ice Castle
Ice Castle 2400 Coin ico
Pink Ice Palace
Pink Ice Palace
Grey Ice Castle
Grey Ice Castle
Theatre Igloo
Theatre Igloo 4600 Coin ico
Split Level Snow Igloo
Split Level Snow Igloo
Restaurant Igloo
Restaurant Igloo 4800 Coin ico
Fish Bowl Igloo
Fish Bowl 2400 Coin ico
Bamboo Hut
Bamboo Hut 3200 Coin ico
Estate Igloo
Estate Igloo 2500 Coin ico
Circus Tent
Circus Tent 1100 Ticket, 3000 Coin ico Prize at The Fair 2017 from the Prize Booth.
Trick-or-treat Igloo
Trick-or-Treat Igloo 2000 Coin ico
Jack O' Lantern
Jack O' Lantern 2700 Coin ico
Green Split Igloo
Green Split Level Igloo Free Obtained by winning the Halloween Igloo Contest in October 2017 & 2018.
Snowy Backyard Igloo
Snowy Backyard Igloo 3500 Coin ico
Snow Globe Igloo icon
Snowglobe 3700 Coin ico
Gingerbread Igloo
Gingerbread House Free Can be obtained from the Advent Calendar 2017 on December 24 and from the Holiday Calendar 2019 on December 25.
Dojo igloo
Dojo Igloo 1300 Coin ico
In Half Igloo 2300 Coin ico
Cave Igloo
Cave Igloo 1500 Coin ico
Tree House Igloo
Tree House Igloo 4500 Coin ico
Dragon's Lair
Dragon's Lair Igloo 3000 Coin ico
Medieval Manor Igloo
Medieval Manor 1200 Coin ico
Warehouse igloo
Warehouse 950 Coin ico
Ship Igloo
Ship Igloo 4300 Coin ico
Gym Igloo
Gym 4800 Coin ico
Sand Split Level Igloo
Sand Split Level Igloo Free Obtained by winning the Adventure Party Igloo Contest in July 2018.
Deluxe Circus Tent
Deluxe Circus Tent Obtained by the community reaching 20 million tickets during The Fair 2018, could be accessed in the Global Prizes interface.
Classic Igloo
Classic Igloo 1800 Coin ico
Fresh Baked Gingerbread House
Fresh Baked Gingerbread House Free Can be obtained from the Advent Calendar 2018 on December 24.
Mermaid Cove
Mermaid Cove 3030 Coin ico
Pineapple Igloo
Pineapple Igloo 3000 Coin ico Obtainable from the Adventure Catalog during the Island Adventure Party: Festival of Fruit from June 27.
Shadowy Keep
Shadowy Keep 2400 Coin ico
Golden Castle Igloo
Golden Castle Igloo Free Obtained by winning Ye Olde Igloo Contest in August 2019.
Main Event Igloo
Main Event Igloo 4500 Coin ico
Igloo Removal
Igloo Removal 500 Coin ico
Creepy Cavern
Creepy Cavern 1500 Coin ico
Deluxe Gingerbread House
Deluxe Gingerbread House Free Obtained from the Bakery during the Holiday Party 2019.
Wildlife Den
Wildlife Den 800 Coin ico

Unreleased Igloos

Icon Name
Whale's Mouth
Whale's Mouth

Bait Igloos

Icon Name
Penguin Chat Igloo



  • Occasionally, after putting some furniture into your igloo, they will not save.
  • Sometimes after finishing your igloo, you will be encountered with a red orange "Error" button. After reloading, the last save of the igloo will be gone.
  • When you are close to max items in your igloo some furniture may disappear.


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