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Icejam was a game (or puzzle) in Club Penguin Rewritten, found in the Security Terminals at Herbert's base. It was playable during Operation: Blackout, and one of the key requirements to move on during the mission. After completing each level, you were allowed to go to the next room and therefore doing another Icejam level. There were six levels in total, but weren’t all released on the same date. The difficulty would eventually get harder.

How To Play

The goal of the game is to get the key to the lock, but the pathway to the lock has been blocked by other movable blocks. The blocks can be moved by using your mouse and either horizontally or vertically (the key can only go vertically), depending on its position. If it is placed vertically, then it can only be moved vertically. The same applies for horizontal blocks. Not all blocks were necessarily the same size, as one could be two blocks wide and another could be three blocks wide.


  • By completing each new level, a higher version of the Herbert Security Clearance Pin is obtained.
    • The color of the blocks and the terminal in each level indicates the rank color for the pin that is earned from that level.




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