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The Iceberg Tipper is a head item in Club Penguin Rewritten. It could be obtained for free after the Iceberg is tipped during the Club Penguin 13th Anniversary Party or the Club Penguin 14th Anniversary Party.


Party Location Available from Available until
Club Penguin 13th Anniversary Party Iceberg October 21, 2018 October 25, 2018
Club Penguin 14th Anniversary Party October 22, 2019 October 26, 2019


  • Similar items are the Green Hard Hat, Hard Hat, Miners Helmet, and the Red Hard Hat.
  • Using this item to drill in the Cave Mine will not give you any coins because in the original Club Penguin, the Cave Mine closed on November 7, 2013.
  • Unlike other hard hats, wearing the Safety Vest alongside the item doesn't activate the special dance.
  • It's from 2017 Club Penguin, but it was redesigned to give it a more classic feel.
  • On November 17, 2019, the special dance was updated to include a blue jackhammer.



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