This is the remake by Herbert. Were you looking for the original Hydra?

The Hydra Bot is a rebuilt version of the Hydra from the Medieval Parties. It was rebuilt by Herbert. Their attacks are the same as in the Medieval Parties, with the exceptions that they now shoot more lasers at a time, shoot slightly faster, and take slightly less damage when hit. Both Herbert and Klutzy switch bots throughout the battle. The tops of their heads were also removed to serve as a cockpit for Herbert and Klutzy.

Defeating the Hydra Bot

Once the player enters the EPF Rooftop, they are spotted and they engage in a conversation by Herbert P. Bear. Herbert then introduces his re-creation and the battle begins. The player must dodge the attacks, and use the same techniques from Ye Knight's Quest 3 to defeat the three different hydras. Once they are defeated, Herbert and Klutzy escape. The player then can collect two different items: the EPF Badge Pin, and one of the three Hydra heads.


  • Gary the Gadget Guy had left some inventions for the player in case they didn't have the items from the Medieval Parties: the Laser Shield 3000 and the Cauldron 3000.
  • To destroy the red hydra, the players must throw snowballs at its head while avoiding its fire.
  • To destroy the blue hydra, the players must throw snowballs at the "Cauldron 3000" with a snowball while it is over the hydra's head. After doing this several times, the lava dumped on the head destroys it.
  • To destroy the yellow hydra, the players must stand on the green space behind one of the 5 panels while the hydra shoots its beam. Once it fires, the "Laser Shield 3000" activates to reflect the blast back at the hydra. Alternatively you can also use the Gold Staff and Shield from the Medieval Party 2017 to have the same affect. Ironically, the yellow hydra's attack is the only one that can't harm the player at all.
  • Each hydra shoots a different type of attack at the player although they are still the same as they were in the Ye Knight's Quest 3.
    • After lighting up a certain tile, the red hydra shoots a fire blast at the lit panel. Same as the Ye Knight's Quest 3, getting hit a few times by this blast will send you back to the previous room and cause you to restart the battle.
    • The blue hydra head blasts ice at the player. Any player on the space cannot help defeat the bot until after the ice has broken.
    • The yellow bot blasts what resembles a laser-beam. Although they look dangerous, they do not harm the player in any way.
  • All three heads are available as rewards after defeating Herbert, but only one will be available each victory.
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