Hydras are creatures in Club Penguin Rewritten. They appear in Ye Knight's Quests during Medieval Parties. Herbert P. Bear takes the Hydra and later retrofits it for the Battle of Doom event, turning it into the Hydra Bot.


  • Hydras are creatures from Greek Mythology with multiple heads. In the original myths, they would grow two more heads when one was defeated, however, this feature is absent in Club Penguin Rewritten.
  • From the word Hydra, "Hydro" became a Greek root for Water, as the Hydra lives in the water.
  • The powers and weakness of Hydra heads were:
    • Red: Could breath fire and can be damaged when snowballs hit it.
    • Blue: Could throw a massive amount of Ice and freeze penguins who are standing at the place where the ice hit and can be damaged when Hot lava falls on it.
    • Yellow: Could shoot a laser beam, and can be damaged using shields. (If the laser hits the shield, the laser bounces back and hits the hydra.)
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