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The Halloween Party 2018 was a party on Club Penguin Rewritten. It started on October 26, 2018 and ended on November 1, 2018. It was first confirmed on the What's New Blog in a What's Going On? post.

Gary attended this party and investigated Gariwald VIII's haunted mansion which had mysteriously appeared.


Free Items

Icon Item Location
Gary's Giveaway BG Icon
Gary's Giveaway Gary's Player Card
Ghost Goggles
Ghost Goggles Foyer
Ghostamatron BG Icon
Ghostamatron Background Ghost Lab
Pumpkin Antennae
Pumpkin Antennae Completing the Halloween Candy Hunt 2018
Pumpkin Basket
Pumpkin Basket Plaza
Pumpkin Head
Pumpkin Head Haunted House


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The following stamps were also available to collect during this party:

Image Name Location
Gary stamp
Gary Meeting Gary
Party Puzzle Stamp
Party Puzzle Foyer
Scavengerhunt stamp
Scavenger Hunt Complete the Halloween Candy Hunt
Trick-or-treat Stamp
Trick-or-treat In players Trick-or-Treat Igloos


  • The regular entrance to the Cave Mine from the Mine was moved during this party in favor of the entrance to the Secret Laboratory. Instead, it was put in the lower left corner where a light is coming out.
  • During this party, the Volcano at the Dojo Courtyard emits orange smoke.
  • The Box Dimension was going to be decorated during the party, however it was scrapped.[1]
  • Dot was supposed to appear during the party along with a new background, but didn't because of time constraints.[2]
  • It is currently the only Halloween Party to have only one mascot visit.


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