Global Prizes is an interface which allows you to obtain prizes when community goals have been reached.

It was introduced during The Fair 2018 and returned for the Christmas Party 2018 in support of the Coins for Change 2018 donation goals. Island Adventure Party: Festival of Fruit is the third party to feature Global Prizes.


The Fair 2018

Icon Item Tickets needed
Money Bag
5000 coins 100,000 Ticket
Giant Blue Sunglasses
Giant Blue Sunglasses 1,000,000 Ticket
Striped Fuzzy Viking Hat
Red and White Fuzzy Viking Hat 5,000,000 Ticket
Inky Squid Hug
Inky Squid Hug 15,000,000 Ticket
Deluxe Circus Tent
Deluxe Circus Tent 20,000,000 Ticket

Christmas Party 2018

Icon Item Coins needed
Money Bag
5000 coins 50,000,000 Coin ico
Ice Christmas Hat
Ice Christmas Hat 75,000,000 Coin ico
Ice Bunny Slippers
Ice Bunny Slippers 100,000,000 Coin ico
Ice Silly Snowman Sweater
Ice Silly Snowman Sweater 125,000,000 Coin ico
Ice Christmas Furniture
Blue Icicle Lights (x10)
Ice Candy Cane (x6)
Ice Holiday Tree (x1)
Ice Holiday Lights (x10)
Ice Wreath (x1)
Small Ice Christmas Tree (x1)
175,000,000 Coin ico

Island Adventure Party: Festival of Fruit


Icon Item Pirate points needed
Wacky Watermelon Background icon
Wacky Watermelon Background 500,000 points
Refreshing Curtain
Refreshing Curtain 1,000,000 points
Orange Citrus Hoodie
Orange Citrus Hoodie 2,000,000 points
Green Grape Costume
Green Grape Costume 5,000,000 points
Watermelon Sofa
Watermelon Sofa 10,000,000 points


Icon Item Captain points needed
Crazy Kiwi Background icon
Crazy Kiwi Background 500,000 points
Pineapple Table
Pineapple Table 1,000,000 points
Cherry T
Cherry T 2,000,000 points
Orange Costume
Orange Costume 5,000,000 points
Banana Couch
Banana Couch 10,000,000 points


  • Stu stated that it was originally going to be login rewards, however, the team later went back on it as they thought this was much better and more rewarding.[1]
  • The Deluxe Circus Tent was originally 30 million tickets, however, it was changed to 20 million in an update.


The Fair 2018

Christmas Party 2018

Island Adventure Party: Festival of Fruit



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