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The Ghost Lab Catalog was a catalog available during the Halloween Party 2018. It is located in the Ghost Lab.


Head Items

Icon Item Cost
Mystic Headdress
Mystic Headdress 250 Coin ico
The Masquerade
The Masquerade 350 Coin ico
The Gentleman
The Gentleman 300 Coin ico
The Chamberlain
The Chamberlain 250 Coin ico
The Parlormaid
The Parlormaid 250 Coin ico
The Nine Lives
The Nine Lives 250 Coin ico

Face Items

Icon Item Cost
Mystic Makeup
Mystic Makeup 50 Coin ico
The Mystery
The Mystery 100 Coin ico
The Phantom
The Phantom 100 Coin ico
Butler Brow
Butler Brow 50 Coin ico
Old Maid Makeup
Old Maid Makeup 50 Coin ico
Cat Eyes
Cat Eyes 50 Coin ico
The Golden Secret
The Golden Secret 250 Coin ico

Body Items

Icon Item Cost
Ghost Catcher Uniform
Ghost Catcher Uniform 450 Coin ico
Mystic Robe
Mystic Robe 350 Coin ico
Masquerade Ball Gown
Masquerade Ball Gown 400 Coin ico
Distinguished Suit
Distinguished Suit 400 Coin ico
Butler Suit
Butler Suit 350 Coin ico
Maid Outfit
Maid Outfit 350 Coin ico
Kitty Costume
Kitty Costume 350 Coin ico

Hand Items

Icon Item Cost
Masquerade Fan
Masquerade Fan 100 Coin ico
Pocket Watch
Pocket Watch 100 Coin ico
Antique Mirror
Antique Mirror 100 Coin ico

Feet Items

Icon Item Cost
Squeak-Proof Shoes
Squeak-Proof Shoes 150 Coin ico


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