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Jet Pack Adventure, an example of a game.

In Club Penguin Rewritten, Games are activities that are used to gain coins, stamps, or to simply have fun. Most games are single-player only, but some games such as Sled Racing, Find Four and Mancala, have to be played with others. Most games have an instruction screen that teaches the player on how to play the game.

In some games, you can also bring along a certain color of puffle with you, such as Red Puffles to Catchin' Waves. The benefits for each game differ, but mostly you earn extra coins.

Majority of the games in Club Penguin Rewritten were from the original Club Penguin, but some games have been revamped to include new features or modes such as Ice Fishing's time trials mode and Cart Surfer's Hardcore mode.

List of Games

Logo/Image Game Singleplayer/Multiplayer? Has Stamps?
Aqua Grabber Logo Aqua Grabber Singleplayer Yes
Astro Barrier
Astro Barrier Singleplayer Yes
Bean Counters
Bean Counters Singleplayer No
Card Jitsu Logo
Card-Jitsu Multiplayer Yes
CardJitsuFire Logo Card-Jitsu Fire Multiplayer Yes
Cart Surfer
Cart Surfer Singleplayer Yes
Catchin' waves Catchin' Waves Singleplayer Yes
Dance Contest Both Yes
DJ3K DJ3K Singleplayer No
Find Four Multiplayer No
Hydro Hopper Logo Hydro-Hopper Singleplayer No
Ice fishing Ice Fishing Singleplayer Yes
Jet Pack Adventure logo Jet Pack Adventure Singleplayer Yes
Mancala Empty Board
Mancala Multiplayer No
Pizzatron 3000 Pizzatron 3000 Singleplayer Yes
Puffle Launch
Puffle Launch Singleplayer Yes
Puffle Rescue
Puffle Rescue Singleplayer Yes
Puffle Roundup Puffle Roundup Singleplayer No
Pufflescape Pufflescape Singleplayer Yes
Sled Racing Sled Racing Multiplayer No
Smoothie Smash Smoothie Smash Singleplayer Yes
System Defender Logo System Defender Singleplayer Yes
Thin Ice Logo Thin Ice Singleplayer Yes
Treasure Hunt Multiplayer Yes

Fair Games

These games have only been accessible during The Fair. They gave out Tickets instead of coins.

Logo Game
BALLOON POP logo Balloon Pop
Feed-A-Puffle Logo Feed-a-Puffle
Memory Card Game Logo Memory Card Game
Puffle Paddle Logo Puffle Paddle
PuffleShuffleLogo Puffle Shuffle
Puffle Soaker Logo Puffle Soaker
Ring The Bell Logo Ring the Bell
Spin To Win Logo Spin To Win


  • Some games are only accessible during parties.
  • The latest game to be released is Smoothie Smash. It was released on May 22, 2020.
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