The HD TV, an example of a Furniture Item.

Furniture items are objects in Club Penguin Rewritten that can be placed in igloos by the owner of the Igloo. They can either be bought from catalogs in the game, unlocked using special codes, or become available as prizes during special events.

The most common way of obtaining furniture items is purchasing them through the Better Igloos catalog.

Furniture items have four different types, floor furniture, room furniture, wall furniture and pet furniture.

Types of furniture

Floor Furniture

Furniture that can only be placed on the floor such as carpets, mats and rugs.

Room Furniture

Furniture that can only be placed on the ground such as chairs, couches, and tables.

Wall Furniture

Furniture that can only be placed on walls such as decorations, paintings and posters.

Pet Furniture

Furniture that only puffles can interact with.

Arrow key changes

Most furniture items can be changed using the arrow keys, which is done by clicking an item in an igloo and clicking up/down/left/right. The most common arrow key change, which is possible with nearly any furniture item, is the rotation/inversion change - commonly performed with the left/right arrow keys, which rotates the item or changes the direction it faces.

Another type of arrow key change, which is commonly done using the up/down keys, but is less common among furniture items, changes the look or the shape of the furniture item, and is different for each item with this option. For instance, pressing up/down while selecting the HD TV turns on the TV or changes the channels.


  • As of Operation: Blackout, occasionally after leaving Edit mode of your igloo, an orange error notification will pop up, saying "Unable to connect." After reloading, your last save ends up being reverted and also causes a few items to be in wrong areas.

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