Franky's First Show is an in-game book in Club Penguin Rewritten published by Franky, a guitar player from the Penguin Band. The story is found in the Book Room next on the book shelf. The book features Franky himself and depicts his first show with the band together, his stage fright, and how he overcame it.


The story begins while in the morning as Franky is waking up, awaiting the concert that evening. Throughout the day Franky notices how his bandmates seem to keep from getting nervous. We then hear how this is Franky's first show after becoming the newest band-member. As it's nearing show time the rest of the band notices that Franky is stressed and they teach him how having nerves can give you the courage to do even better once out on the stage. G Billy convinces him that getting scared is all part of what makes it so fun, since once you're out there in doesn't matter anymore. The story then concludes with Franky learning that the most important thing to do on the stage is to have fun with his friends and to entertain all those around him.

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