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|November 5, 2018
|November 5, 2018
|[[Iceberg]], [[Ski Hill]]
|[[Iceberg]], [[Ski Hill]]
|Bonfire Night
|Guy Fawkes Night

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Fireworks are a recurring event on Club Penguin Rewritten. It was first seen during the 100K Penguin Celebration. The fireworks are usually seen at Ski Hill, Iceberg, and the Beacon.


Date Rooms Reason
April 2017 Town 100k penguins registered
July 1–5, 2017 Beacon, Iceberg, Ski Hill American Independence Day
October 5 - October 8, 2017 Plaza, Town 1M Penguins registered
December 27, 2017 - January 3, 2018 Iceberg, Ski Hill, Snow Forts Celebrating 2018
February 11 - February 13, 2018 Town Celebrating Club Penguin Rewritten's 1st Anniversary Party (click on the cannon in the bottom right corner in the Town)
March 4, 2018 Plaza, Beach, Ski Village, Snow Forts, Town Club Penguin Rewritten's temporary shutdown
July 4, 2018 Ski Hill American Independence Day
November 5, 2018 Iceberg, Ski Hill Guy Fawkes Night


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