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The Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt 2020 was an event in Club Penguin Rewritten. It was announced in issue #152 of the Club Penguin Times. The hunt began on April 9, 2020 and is set to end on April 16, 2020.

This hunt required you to find and collect seven eggs which were scattered around the island. When you found all seven eggs, you would receive the Green Bunny Ears.

Egg locations

No. Egg Location Hint
Easter Egg Hunt 2020 Pizza Egg
Located behind the green plant in the Pizza Parlor. Finding this egg is what you will do, in a room with a table for two.
Easter Egg Hunt 2020 Red and White Egg
Located in the green lantern in the Lighthouse. An egg where you would join a band, in a building that is near sand.
Easter Egg Hunt 2020 Book Egg
Located on the Book Shelf in the Book Room. Around the island you'll have a look, find an egg in a room with a book.
Easter Egg Hunt 2020 Ninja Egg
Located in the Dojo, however it will be floating, fading away and reappearing in the room multiple times. Up high in the mountain peak, a room where a grasshopper will seek.
Easter Egg Hunt 2020 Stage Light Egg
Located in the Plaza, hidden as one of the Stage's lights. An egg can be found on a sunny day, a place where penguins re-enact a play.
Easter Egg Hunt 2020 Flame Egg
Located in the Cove hidden in front of the Flame Surfboard. An egg that feels brave, might catch a wave.
Easter Egg Hunt 2020 Periwinkle Egg
Located in Town in one of the boxes in front of the Gift Shop. An egg is hiding in a busy space, where you'll find a fashion place.


Icon Item Location
Green Bunny Ears
Green Bunny Ears Completing the hunt


The following stamp was also available to collect during this event:

Image Name Location
Scavenger hunt stamp
Scavenger Hunt Completing the hunt


  • It is Club Penguin Rewritten's third Egg Scavenger Hunt.





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