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EPF Medal

EPF Medals are a virtual currency in Club Penguin Rewritten that can be earned by completing Field-Ops and formerly PSA Missions. They can be spent in the Elite Gear catalog.


  • Formerly, Missions would add up to your career total or earn you the EPF Medal Stamps.
  • There was a previous glitch where you could get duplicates of certain Elite Gear, this has been patched.
  • There was a glitch that after completing a mission and clicking in the spy gear button and in the EPF catalog, every item you buy will give you EPF medals instead of erasing it.
  • After January 3, 2019, EPF medals can no longer be earned by completing PSA Missions, resulting in EPF medals being unable to be earned at all.
    • This status lasted until the re-opening of Field-Ops on September 26, 2019.
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