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The Dragon Queen is a villain at the Medieval Party 2019. Her existence was confirmed in Issue #116 of the Club Penguin Times by Gary the Gadget Guy after reading a book which stated she would make a "surprise attack" happen before making her appearance known, hence the mysterious tremors leading up to the Medieval Party. In Issue #117 of the Club Penguin Times it was suggested that she may be more dangerous than Scorn the Dragon King.[1]


  • Her in-game art was created by Screenhog.
  • The pre-login screen and concept art of the dragon was made by Rainbert.
    • Originally, Rainbert was also going to create her in-game art. However, he ran into some last-minute scheduling conflicts, and was replaced by Screenhog. This was the main reason why the Medieval Party 2019 was delayed.[2]
  • She originally didn't follow the player during the boss fight.[3]
  • Stu was originally going to voice her, but didn't because of Joee believing that she did not need a voice.[4]
  • According to Rainbert, her species is called Poodlepoof.[5]



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