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The Dojo Grand Re-Opening is a mini-party to celebrate the Dojo's reopening as a result of Dig out the Dojo. You could get free Geta Sandals in the Dojo Courtyard. Inside the Dojo, there was a Gong Show where a gong would appear every 4 minutes and 50 seconds. Throwing snowballs at the gong would make it make a gong noise. It is the second longest lasting event, after The EPF and PSA Rebuild.


Icon Item Location
Geta Sandals Geta Sandals Dojo Courtyard
Sensei BG Sensei's Autograph Sensei's Player Card


The following stamp was also available to collect during this event:

Image Name Location
Sensei Stamp
Sensei Meeting Sensei


  • The event was removed for a few days but it was later put back.
  • This event lasted 4 and a half months or 140 days.



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