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Devcast is a live podcast hosted on Stu's YouTube channel by the staff team. It provides an opportunity to hang out with some staff members from Club Penguin Rewritten and ask away your questions to the team. Card-Jitsu code giveaways and sneak peeks are sometimes shared on the live stream.


The first devcast was streamed on September 23, 2018.

The second devcast was hosted on October 24, 2018. It was a charity stream for the Make a Wish Foundation. Screenhog joined as a special guest. By the time the stream ended, over £1,250 was raised.[1][2] By October 25, 2018, the money raised had increased to £2,166.81.[3]

A third devcast was hosted on March 14, 2019. Much like the second devcast, it was a charity stream, with donations going to Comic Relief. Donating would reward you with a Treasure Book code. Over £2,000 was raised by the end of March 14, 2019; and over £3,000 by March 16, 2019.[4]

A fourth devcast was hosted on January 16, 2020.[5] It was a charity stream to show support for those in the situation of the Australian wildfires. The community had raised £5,280.62 overall, which was donated to the Australian Wildfire Relief Fund run by GlobalGiving.[6] A new Treasure Book was released along with this devcast. Players who donated were rewarded with a Treasure Book code.

A fifth devcast will be hosted on March 30, 2020, in remembrance of the closure of Club Penguin. Screenhog Appeared as a secial guest.[7] It was a charity stream and all donation proceeds went to the Marie Curie charity. [8]

List of Devcasts

No. Date Staff members Guests
1 September 23, 2018 stu, RogerDan, hagrid N/A
2 October 24, 2018 stu, Joee Screenhog
3 March 14, 2019 stu, Lataus, Joee N/A
4 January 16, 2020 stu, Garnet1200, Gena, Halopona, RogerDan, Skyver N/A
5 March 30, 2020 stu, Joee Screenhog


  • Hagrid was supposed to attend Devcast #3, but couldn't due to personal reasons.
  • Joee was supposed to attend Devcast #4, but couldn't as he was sick.[citation needed]




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