The Crab Guardian is a guardian in Soda Seas that protects the emerald. You can find him moving his coins, if you take any of the coins he will get angry and won't give you the treasure.

Regarding the way of playing, the Crab Guardian will either act angry and proud, or pitiful. In order to get the Soda Treasure Stamp, you will have to wait the Crab to take back all its coins back home. It will then look for the emerald, and give it to the player. However, to get the Crab's Treasure Stamp, you will have to steal its whole treasure. Starting to steal coins will scare the Crab Guardian and it will consequently go faster to take its coins away.


Icon Name Description
SodaTreasure Soda Treasure Discover secret treasure in Soda Seas levels
Crab'sTreasureStamp Crab's Treasure Capture all the crab's treasure
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