A Crab is a creature in Club Penguin Rewritten. They can be found in the Underground Pool and mini-games such as Ice Fishing, Puffle Launch and Aqua Grabber.

The two most famous crabs are Klepto and Klutzy.


Ice Fishing

Image Name Description
CrabCutsStampIcon Crab Cuts Have 3 crabs cut your line and finish the game

Aqua Grabber

Image Name Description
SodaTreasure Soda Treasure Discover secret treasure in Soda Seas levels
Crab'sTreasureStamp Crab's Treasure Capture all the crab's treasure

Puffle Launch

Image Name Description
Crab Attack stamp Crab Attack Stamp Defeat a crab boss once
Crab Crash stamp Crab Crash Stamp Defeat 3 crab bosses in a single play session
Crab Battle stamp Crab Battle Stamp Defeat 6 crab bosses in a single play session
Turbo Battle stamp Turbo Battle Stamp Defeat the crab in Turbo Mode


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