Players have a variety of colors from which they can choose for their penguins. When creating an account, the player is asked to pick one from 18 options for free. Further colors can later be bought from the Penguin Style catalog in the Clothes Shop for 20 coins each.

Colors are essentially clothing items. However, they cannot be removed from the player card, and the player is only able to change colors. In the inventory, color icons are represented as colored blobs with eyes.

Some colors can only be worn by mascots or not be worn at all. This used to be true for Ocean Blue, a test color that was worn by Gary the Gadget Guy until it was made available to players.

Club Penguin Rewritten had its first ever Color Vote from June 27, 2018 to July 5, 2018. 3 Colors had been voted for. Maroon, Lavender and a new color called Dark Red. Lavender won and was released in the August 2017 Penguin Style.

A new color, Arctic White, was released during the Christmas Party 2017. It could be found on day 25 of the Advent Calendar. Another new color, Arctic Blue, was released during the Christmas Party 2018. It could be found on day 25 of the Advent Calendar.

Available Colors

Color Icon Player Card In-game
Aqua on a Player Card
Aqua ingame
Arctic Blue
Arctic Blue
Arctic Blue PC
Arctic Blue IG
Arctic White
Arctic White icon
Arctic White from a Player Card
Arctic White ingame
Black on a Player Card
Black In-game
Blue inventory
Blue from a Player Card
Blue ingame
Brown from a Player Card
Brown standing
Dark Green
Dark green inventory
Dark Green from a Player Card
Dark Green ingame
Dark Purple
Dark Purple icon
Dark Purple on a Player Card
Dark Purple In-game
Green icon
Green from a Player Card
Clothing Sprites 2
Lavender Color
Lavender on a Player Card
Lavender in game
Light Blue
Light Blue icon
Light Blue on a Player Card
Light Blue ingame
Lime Green
Lime Green Color
Lime Green on a Player Card
Clothing13 in game
Ocean Blue
Ocean Blue
Ocean Blue PC
Ocean Blue IG
Orange icon
Orange from a Player Card
Orange ingame
Peach icon
Peach Penguin Card
Peach IG
Pink icon
Pink from a Player Card
Pink ingame
Red Color
Red on a Player Card
Red in-game
Yellow icon
Yellow on a Player Card
Yellow ingame

Unreleased Colors

Color Icon Player Card In-game
Dark Red
Dark red
Dark Red from a Player Card
Dark Red in-game
Jet Black
Jet Black
Jet Black PC
Jet Black IG
Maroon Penguin

Bait Colors

Color Icon Player Card In-game
Sensei Gray
Sensei Gray
Sensei Gray player card


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