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Congratulations to Camwood777 for being our August 2017 Penguin of the Month! Template:Header

FF Party
The Festival of Flight 2017 has started! It'll be on from August 16 - 23.

For all events in 2017, click here.

Jet Pack icon
The Jet Pack can obtained for free at the Tallest Mountain during the Festival of Flight 2017. Penguins can perform a hovering animation if they dance with it. This also works with Red Propeller Cap and Green Propeller Cap.  


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Jet Pack Pin
The Jet Pack Pin is hidden at the Ski Village from August 16 - August 23.


Stone Ninja Suit
The Stone Ninja Suit can be unlocked by using the code CARDJITSU on Unlock Items Online.

For all the current codes, click here.


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