Clothing is defined in Club Penguin Rewritten as any item that can be worn by a player and appear in-game and on their player card. There are nine categories of clothing including Pins/Flags and Backgrounds. The other seven categories are: head items, face items, neck items, body items, hand items, feet items, and colors. A player can wear one item from each category at a time.

Where to Buy Clothing

Clothing is found in catalogs and is able to be purchased for set amounts of coins.

Catalog Location Sells Updates
Penguin Style Gift Shop Head Items, Face Items, Neck Items, Body Items, Hand Items, Feet Items, Colors, Pins/Flags, Backgrounds Monthly
Costume Trunk Stage Head Items, Face Items, Neck Items, Body Items, Hand Items, Feet Items, Backgrounds
Snow and Sports Stadium/Ice Rink Semiannually
Elite Gear (medals) EPF Phone Head Items, Face Items, Neck Items, Body Items, Hand Items, Feet Items Never
The F.I.S.H. HQ Face Items, Neck Items, Body Items
Music Catalog Lighthouse Neck Items, Body Items, Hand Items
Game Upgrades Cove, Dock, Ski Hill, Night Club, Ski Lodge Hand Items

ID system

Every clothing item in Club Penguin Rewritten has its own identification number or ID. Most items use the same ID from Club Penguin, however custom items and a few non-custom items have custom IDs.

Custom ID List

ID Item
18 Ocean Blue
19 Arctic White
20 Arctic Blue
165 Red Scarf
200 Ice Scarf
300 Blue Snowsuit
356 Saturated Maracas
389 Ice Bunny Slippers
390 Purple Flippers
391 Green Zippered Hoodie
400 Silver Roman Helmet
459 Green Top Hat
643 The Wavecatcher
679 White Admiral's Hat
680 Ice Stocking Cap
681 Green Fedora
682 Green Two Tone Scarf
683 Aqua Hoodie
684 Aqua Untied Sneakers
685 Dark 3D Glasses
686 Grey Cape
687 Grey Checkered Shoes
688 I Heart My Grey Puffle Shirt
689 Wise Puffle Pin
690 Black Monocle
691 Fancy Tuxedo
692 Red Bowtie
693 White Cumberband Hat
694 Fancy White Tuxedo
695 Sensei's Elemental Giveaway
696 Black Acoustic Guitar
697 Black Admiral Jacket
698 Cream Soda Background
733 Red Candycane Suede Jacket
734 Green Candycane Suede Jacket
735 Blue Long Johns
736 Clover Basket
738 Green Duffle Coat
776 Red Snowsuit
777 Grey Puffle
847 Grey Tuxedo
855 Blue Pastel Shield
856 Pink Pastel Shield
857 Purple Pastel Shield
858 Blue Pastel Tabbard
859 Pink Pastel Tabbard
860 Purple Pastel Tabbard
861 Red Doublet
862 The Regal
863 Pastel Banner Background
864 Regal Damsel Dress
865 Enchanted Dragon Costume
866 Blue Hawaiian Shorts
867 Cool Hawaiian Shirt
868 Orange Flower Bikini
869 Orange Shorts
870 Purple Shorts
871 Purple Sport Bikini
872 Purple Star Swim Suit
873 Red Bikini
874 Red Hawaiian Outfit
875 Tropical Hawaiian Shirt
876 Enchanted Armour
1031 Jet Pack Guy's Flight Player Card (formerly)
Jet Pack Guy's Blackout Player Card
1088 Red Skater Hat
1089 Red and White Fuzzy Viking Hat
1107 Sensei's Hat
1108 The Tussle
1165 Orange Headphones
1166 Rockhopper's Island Adventure Giveaway
1181 Green Electric Guitar
1182 Penguin Band Stage Giveaway
1197 DJ Maxx's Stage Giveaway
1200 Sensei's Hat
1270 Inverted Starlit Sombrero
1310 Colourful Sombrero
1343 Ice Christmas Hat
1994 The Astral
2005 Giant Blue Sunglasses
2015 Eclipse Glasses
2149 Blue Tinted Sunglasses
3045 Grey Bowtie
3059 Pink Striped Scarf
3060 Yellow Striped Scarf
3129 Lavender Cape
3130 Sled Racing Medal Pin
3131 Rory's Giveaway
3132 Inky Squid Hug
3134 DJ Maxx's Fiesta Giveaway
4073 Purple Shirt
4074 Orange Shirt
4122 Fiesta Dress
4124 White Hoodie
4125 Cart Surfer Medal Pin
Red Wetsuit
4201 Blue Classy T-Shirt
4202 DJ Maxx Music Jam Giveaway
4203 Rockhopper's Fair Giveaway
4239 Red Wetsuit
4281 White Letterman Jacket
4313 Ice Silly Snowman Sweater
4541 Saturated Poncho
4554 Inverted Torero Suit
4562 Colourful Poncho
5078 Blue Keytar
5165 Blue Hard Rock Guitar
5171 Dark Toboggan
5172 Orange Racing Sled
5173 Blue Racing Sled
6980 DJ Maxx's Headphones
7316 1st Anniversary Cake Pin
8923 Beta Hat
8924 1st Anniversary Party Hat
8925 50th Newspaper Pin
8926 Alumni Jacket
8927 Club Penguin Rewritten Pin
8928 PH's Puffle Party Giveaway
8930 2nd Anniversary Party Hat
8931 2nd Anniversary Cake Pin
9096 DJ Maxx Background
9998 YouTuber Pin
9999 Moderator Pin
10193 Blue Lei
10196 Beta Hat T-Shirt
10197 12th Anniversary Hat
10198 DJ Maxx's Halloween Giveaway
10199 DJ Maxx's Halloween Player Card
Dot's Giveaway
10200 Jet Pack Guy's Blackout Giveaway
10201 13th Anniversary Hat
10202 1st Anniversary Hat Shirt
10325 Water Wings
10398 2nd Anniversary Hat T-Shirt
12007 Maroon Mask
12570 Rory's New Player Card
13011 Maroon Cape
15600 Rory's Old Player Card
15601 Rory's Waddle On Player Card
15602 Rory's Goggles
15603 DJ Maxx's Old Player Card (formerly)
Rory's Waddle On Player Card
15604 DJ Maxx's Old Player Card
21119 Dot's Halloween-y Giveaway (formerly)
Sensei's Fire Giveaway
70941 Coins for Change 2017 Pin
70942 Coins for Change 2018 Pin
75000 Gold Puffle
75300 Stu Jr.
100101 Jet Pack Guy's Sunglasses
100176 Jet Pack Guy's Tie
100261 Jet Pack Guy's Suit
102011 Dot's Outfit
324710 Island Lei
324711 Jet Pack Guy Background
325500 Rockhopper's Christmas Giveaway
325501 Rory's Giveaway
325502 Aunt Arctic Awards Giveaway
325503 Penguin Band Awards Giveaway
442005 Rockhopper's Hat
892910 Sunset Lei
892911 White Electric Guitar
999999 Black Scarf
1001148 Jet Pack Guy's Earpiece
1003028 Jet Pack Guy's Jet Pack
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