Cheating is when a player obtains extra items, earns extra coins, accesses unavailable or limited features, and so on, by way of third-party programs.

Cheating is strictly against the rules of Club Penguin Rewritten, and any player that are caught using cheats receive bans for 72 hours or forever, depending on the offense on the player's account. Using websites to find the location of a pin, a secret in a catalog, or a walk through for a game or party are not considered cheating. Club Penguin Rewritten encourages all secret agents, as well as every penguin to report any suspected cheating.

Common cheating methods


Trainers are programs that are downloaded onto the player's computer. The player then plays Club Penguin Rewritten through the program using addons and plugins to cheat Club Penguin Rewritten. Many addons are client side, meaning that only the player using the program can see the hack. Players are unlikely to get banned for client-side hacks. Client-side hacks would include changing a penguin's name, color, size, or changing to mascot clothing.

Trainers were commonly used by players in the past, however, the Club Penguin Rewritten Administration has since added security features which prevent many trainers from working anymore. Because of this, most are rendered useless as of now.

Other Programs/Scripts

Follow bots, or "clones", are programs that cause "clones" of the player to follow them or (talk, throw snowballs at the same time etc.). A captcha has been added which is required to be completed every time a user joins a server to combat these programs.

Adders are online or downloadable software that allows the players who uses it to get items on Club Penguin Rewritten. These are the most common form of cheating, and players usually use these to gain extra clothing, coins, furniture, or igloos.

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